From Tastie Fish

DOT Source: Director Doug Hausladen made false statements to Tastie Fish

From Tastie Fish

A high level source with direct knowledge of the office of Traffic and Transportation has gone on the record with Tastie Fish, and directly contradicted the public statements of current DOT Director Doug Hausladen.

The source also had access to the revenue audits that continue to evade this magazine, and verified that they do exist.

Over the course of a 4 month investigation, and one interview, the behavior of Doug Hausladen has raised more and more questions as this magazine attempted to unpack the amount of city revenue that was flowing through the departments over a set number of years.

After a controversial sitdown interview, Tastie Fish filed a FOIA request with the Department of Finance in large measure because the New Haven DOT was not cooperating with the investigation to the extent that was needed to close the book on the story.

Doug Hausladen told Tastie Fish the following in an email on May 11th.

He sent this email from a government account, our newsroom considered this statement to be on the record.

“Mike will go check with our finance department, the department whom handles any audits, regarding your requests below. What you are asking for may or may not exist at the transaction level in an easy to access fashion. As the Director of TT&P, I have no idea what those documents look like, but we will go talk to the appropriate department and respond on behalf of the City after checking with Kathleen Foster”.

Upon reviewing the emails, a source with first hand knowledge of the New Haven DOT told Tastie Fish “That’s a not true, the Director of Traffic and Transportation has instant access to the revenue information produced by the contractor. Not only via the reports, but he is directly connected to the entire system. The DOT director not only knows how much money was collected last month, he can access how much money was collected in the last 24 hours, if I remember correctly, the numbers updated every 24 hours, at least it did when we were there. 

Those contract audits are more than accessible. 

From Tastie Fish

It’s a running tally, at any point we could analyze them. 

Doug Hausladen claiming he does not know what they look like, or how accessible they are is not the truth, it’s his job to know that information off hand,  why he felt the need to conceal his level of access is a question you guys can figure out, but he is not being forthcoming about his level of clearance based on my personal experience, and as a former person in that office I have to ask why.

Mabye the rules have changed, maybe he does not have the access we did, but while the new software contractor might be different from the one we worked with,  the principles of the agreement are very similar, that contract does not work unless the DOT has full access. I spent years in the DOT office, his statement in that email is disappointing” 

Tastie Fish is awaiting an information disclosure from the New Haven city government that will feature email communications, and other relevant materials to this story.

There is currently a confusing communication exchange taking place between this newsroom, the office of the corporation counsel, and the office of Traffic and Transportation, we will share our reaction to this incredibly puzzling chain of events when we have received the disclosure.



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