Mayor Toni Harp

Mayor Harp offers sharp rebuke of policy that seperates children from their families

Mayor Toni Harp

New Haven – Mayor Toni N. Harp today issued the following statement condemning the inhumane actions of U.S. government officials in their treatment of migrant children along the nation’s southern border:

“Any aspirations still held by Americans for this nation to be the world’s proud, moral authority are utterly dashed by the spiteful, malicious treatment of these migrant children,” Mayor Harp said. “Forceable separation from families, confinement, and the resulting trauma will permanently scar these young people and could literally shorten their lives: it stains the idea of the United States worldwide.”

“That the Trump objective seems to be to hold these children hostage in exchange for funding a nonsensical border wall compounds the shame all Americans should feel,” Mayor Harp added.



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