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Robert Mueller has filed criminal charges in the Russia investigation

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CNN broke the internet tonight when they reported that Special Counsel Robert Mueller has filed criminal charges as his investigation into ties between the Russian Federation and Trump campaign associates heats up.

These charges have been in the offing since a grand jury was impaneled in Washington DC during the dog days of summer.

The CNN reports that the person could be in custody as early as Monday.

This development is back breaking news for a Trump administration that has been scrambling to distract the country from potentially the biggest story in modern US history.

Dollars to donuts?

Paul Manafort, or Michael Flynn will be embraced by the long arm of the law Monday.

Both men have been associated with serious criminal activity in the last year or so, including extensive contact with agents of the Russian government.

Both men made untold amounts of money working with or for the Kremlin.

Paul Manafort was the campaign chairman for the Donald Trump.

Michael Flynn was an early surrogate, and eventually saw himself appointed to the post of national security advisor.

That’s not fake news, that’s cold hard facts.

President Donald Trump’s campaign that saw him elected President was just tainted forever, even if the investigation were to be dropped tommorow.

The futile attempts by the White House(and Sean Hannity) to compare the Russian Uranium deal to overt acts of treason illustrates the desperation Robert Mueller’s investigation is generating.

The Russians attacked our democracy and the leadership in Washington is attempting to wipe the stink off of it on a daily basis.

Monday is high noon for the Trump administration.

Robert Mueller will impose justice on Trump associates who broke the law, but his end game is the oval office, and the only way to avoid federal prison is to start singing.

Like right now.

Either you colluded with the Russian Government, or you didn’t.

We are about to find out, there is no inbetween




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