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Breaking: OJ Simpson released from prison

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OJ Simpson made his case to the Nevada parole board this afternoon in front of a nationally televised audience.

OJ Simpson was convicted of armed robbery nine years ago in one of the more puzzling criminal cases in recent memory.

Simpson had been acquitted of murdering his former wife Nicole Brown, and her friend Ron Goldman years earlier,  many saw his Las Vegas based conviction as a form of restitution.

OJ stated that he “had served his time”, that he was humbled by his 9 year incarceration, and that he was eager to rejoin society so he could spend time with his 4 kids, and other family members.

OJ was calm, eloquent, and long winded when explaining how prison has changed him, and why he wants to get home as soon as possible.

OJ Simpsons daughter also testified, pleading with the board to allow OJ to come home, and explaining to the panel how OJ has grown as a person.

One of the victims also testified, and it was established that OJ Simpson had made amends with both victims, to the point that they all remained friends after the robbery took place.

It was surreal television, transported this writer back to the mid 90’s.

The tenure of the hearing was almost light hearted, parole board members were laughing at Simpson’s jokes, and talking about his parole in past tense.

After closed door discussion that lasted for roughly 30 minutes, the panel granted OJ Simpson parole.

The vote was unanimous.

OJ Simpson started crying when it was announced, a truly emotional moment for tormented soul.

Simpson will have to wait a couple months to see if he will be able to move to Florida per compost rules.

But for now, OJ is a free man.



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