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Comedian TJ Miller arrested by the feds for making a bomb threat

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Comedian TJ Miller (Deadpool, Silicon Valley) was arrested by the FBI in connection with a bomb threat Tuesday Afternoon.

It was reported that the actual incident took place in March, but the FBI was able to get it’s hands on an arrest warrant this week, and take Mr. Miller into custody as he attempted to board a plane at LaGuardia Airport.

The details of the incident are insane.

From Jezebel 

“Miller called a New Jersey 911 dispatcher to report that a woman passenger on his Amtrak train had a bomb in her bag and that she kept checking it without taking anything out. But when Amtrak officials stopped the train, which was already in Connecticut by the time they got to it, no evidence of a bomb or explosive materials were detected or found”.

Miller allegedly called in a bomb threat from a New Jersey train as “revenge” on woman passenger that he believed wronged him, and it appears Mr. Miller was intoxicated when he did so.

The woman eventually revealed that Miller was drunk out of his mind on the train, and had made a comment about her hair which led the two of them to engage in an argument.

The dispatcher reported that Mr. Miller was slurring his words during the call.

Even worse, Miller gave the authorities the wrong train number, which resulted in an entirely different train being delayed for a search, a train that was in Connecticut at the time.

The US Attorney in New York has charged Miller with “intentionally conveying to law enforcement false information about an explosive device on a train traveling to Connecticut.”.

Mr. Millers actions are not those of a brain surgeon, but this is hardly the first time the comedian has been accused of serious misconduct.

Mr. Millers arrest was first reported by TMZ. 




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