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Connor McGregor: Should he be banned from the US after his rampage at the Barclays?

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Multi division UFC champion Connor McGregor is a wanted man.

After storming the media day for UFC 223 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, and attacking a bus with an estimated 20 people at his back, the mercurial Irish superstar is wanted for questioning by the New York Police Department.

There is not currently a warrant for his arrest, but that will quickly change after the NYPD reviews the video tape.

Why or how this took place depends on who you ask.

Sources at the scene claim that McGregor(and his crew) entered the building without proper credentials, and was able to do so thanks to an assist from a journalist(who should have his press pass revoked) that was covering the event for McGregor’s website the mac life.

At some point after McGregor entered the building, a melee took place that eventually ended up in the bowels of the areana as UFC fighter Michael Chesia was attempting to board a van with his team.

Chesia suffered 7 cuts on his face as the result of broken glass, many believe Connor breaking the window with a loading dollie led to Chesia’s injuries.

The images of what took place next are surreal, and at the center of the chaos is one of the most famous athletes on the planet.

Why McGregor was so upset is anyone’s guess, but the word on the street indicates that he might have been retailiating after a rumored scuffle between UFC fighters Artem Lobov and Khabib Nurmagomedev at the fight hotel earlier this week.

Lobov was part of the group that attacked the bus.

UFC Chief Dana White pulled no punches after the incident.

He removed Artem Lobov from Saturday’s card, and implied that this could affect the UFC’s ability to do business with Connor McGregor moving foward.

White’s anger was not very genuine, McGregor is the cash cow that keeps on giving, and the UFC is not about to release it’s biggest star during a time of depreciating ratings and ticket sales.

Dana White if full of sh/t, but that’s not the primary issue here.

The bigger problem here is the coverage of the incident as opposed to other athletes behaving badly.

Connor McGregor committed multiple crimes on tape, and the incident was met with a collective yawn by the news media.

Trespassing, assault, battery, destruction of public property, menacing, vandalism, McGregor will most likely be arrested, and charged, but you would never know it watching Twitter, or ESPN.

McGregor is a massive personality, and a heck of a fighter, but in this instance, he acted like a thug, and a hooligan.

Just because the man can fight does not give him the right to come to this country, and behave like he is above the law.

McGregor is a guest here, he is not a US citizen, but is permitted to make an extraordinary living in the United States, the least he can do is not destroy property or assault people.

During a sensitive time regarding immigration, US citizenship and tourism, McGregor’s behavior will feed the wrong side of the debate.

Imagine if McGregor was a Mexican national, how would this video play to the hard liners that want to build walls?

If Odell Beckham Junior, or Lebron James, went ballistic, and rampaged through a public facility on tape, the world would have turned on it’s head.

ODB catches flak for freaking out on the sidelines, he would be kicked out of the NFL if he threw a dollie through a bus.

If Cam Newton went bonkers after a football game, and destroyed public property while sending one of his colleagues to the hospital, the world would be calling for him to be out of football.

But Connor McGregor?

It’s just boys being boys, not a big deal at all, this is shock and awe, a reminder of his entertainment value.

“What we saw today is no different then WWE, everyone needs to relax, he is just performing” a long time UFC fan told Tastie Fish this afternoon.

That notion is hogwash,  Connor McGregor acted like a criminal today, he endangered public safety, and then fleed the scene of the incident all but cementing his guilt.

NYPD will certainly be booking McGregor when they can get their hands on him, and his ability to enter the United States is officially worthy of review.

If he lacks basic respect for the laws of this country, he can make a living back across the Atlantic.



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