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Logan Mott: Why did he do it?

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15 year Florida teenager Logan Mott was arrested earlier this week at the Canadian border amid allegations that he brutally murdered his grandmother, buried her in his backyard, stole her car, and absconded with weapons up the east coast.

The story is sobering on so many levels.

In what world does a teenager feel compelled to kill his grandmother?

Law enforcement sources have indicated that Kristina French was found stabbed, and shot to death, the police also revealed that both Kristina French’s home, and the home the teenager lived in were found ransacked.

Logan Mott’s father Eric Mott came home to the scene, and several days later Kristina French’s body was found by the police.

At the time Logan Mott was detained, he was in possession of his grandmothers Dodge Dart, and a cache of weapons.

A former of Nanny of Logan Mott told the UK Daily Mail that Mott also keeps a stack of knives under his bed.

The guns actually belong to the Florida Sherrifs department, Mott’s father happens to be a corrections officer for the beueau, and could be looking at legal liability himself.

Observers around the world are asking the same question.

Why would Logan Mott commit such an awful act?

Why would a young man with every advantage take the life of a woman that raised him, and then take off in her car for the northern border?

The crime itself implies rage, to shoot someone multiple times, and then stab them several timesafter they are dead is absolutely senseless, the actions of a sociopath.

Adding to the public uproar are the reports that Mott was “devastated” when he was informed his grandmother was dead.

So devastated, that he stole her car shortly after her death in an attempt to flee the country.

The murder is now the subject of a criminal investigation, Mott is currently being held at a detenion center in New York awaiting an extradition hearing that will take place later today.

Once he returns to Florida, he will most likely face first degree murder charges, along with weapons ciatations,  breaking and entering, and an auto theft beef.

He also might have taken other items from his grandmothers home, which could net him robbery charges.

Eric Mott, the boys father, revealed in the 911 call that Logan Mott is a diabetic, which some speculate could have contributed to the crime.

That does not mean that Mr. Mott will be treated lightly by the sunshine state.

In 2011, A 12 year old boy named Christian Fernandez was charged as an adult by the state of Florida in connection with the murder of his brother.

In 2001, 13 year old Lionel Tate became the youngest person in history to sentenced to life in prison after he battered his 6 year old sister to death.

Based on legal precedent, the depraved nature of the crime,  and the fact that Mr. Mott is slightly older than others that have been charged as an adult, Logan Mott is looking at spending the rest of his life in jail or worse.




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