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MTV Star Alex Kompothecras should be arrested after murdering a shark

From Youtube

Reality television star Alex Kompothecras has been implicated in the murder of a Hammer Head Shark.

Kompothecras appears in the MTV show “Siesta Key”, and has developed a national following of sorts.

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The incident was caught on tape, but the authorities have yet to verify that Kompothecras is the man on film.

Tastie Fish wishes to caution that the following video may not be suitable for younger viewers.

This is cold blooded murder, this act is not fish and game, it’s a demonstration of lunacy and it was caught on tape.

This isn’t the only example of Mr. Kompothecras torturing sharks according to sources close to the situation. There is video of him feeding a beer to a shark through a bong, and there is rumors that it was his group of friends that dragged a shark on the end of a speedboat.

The police have not yet filed charges, but the public backlash could make that academic.

It takes a truly sick person to commit such dastardly deeds, and he will hurt more Sharks if the long arm of the law fails to embrace him in wake of this horrific episode.




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