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Report: The NYPD is ready to arrest Harvey Weinstein

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The New York Police department has announced that they are prepared to arrest embattled Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein for felony sexual assault.

The only person preventing this from happening is the mandated district attorney Cyrus Vance.

According to the Daily Beast, the NYPD is investigating Weinstein for 5 seperate instances of sexual assault, but have made serious gains in one particular case.

The development is the first real movement from law enforcement in regards to the considerable amount of sexual assault allegations against Weinstein.

Cyrus Vance has declined to comment, and has yet to explain why he won’t sanction an arrest of Weinstein.

Perhaps Vance is not eager to go to trial without overwhelming evidence, and understands the publicity will be through the roof from dawn until dusk.

There is a grand jury however, but the panel has yet to return any indictments.

Whatever Cyrus Vance’s reasons, the clock is ticking, the American people want to see Mr. Weinstein held accountable for his alleged actions.




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