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Robert Mueller demands an interview with Donald Trump

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller has gathered his forces, respected to the rule of law, moved quietly, and obtained enough evidence against the Trump administration to knock over a building.

Since May of 2017, Robert Mueller has used the power of his office to unravel a scandal that appears to be unlimited in it’s scope, and directly involves the President of the United States, members of his immediate family, and high ranking political figures that worked on his campaign, and now in the White House.

Even before Mueller was appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rob Rosenstein to his post, Mr. Trump has aggressively attempted to discredit the investigation, and anyone that working on the case.

Trump’s wrath has gone beyond a hearts and minds campaign, he appears to be actively obstructing the investigation, using the full weight of his office to disrupt the probe.

In fact, Mr. Trump went as far as to fire the former FBI director(and the lead investigator on the case) James Comey, and then openly pointed to “this Russia stuff” as his rationale on national television.

Trump’s attack have been political as well, employing a Republican controlled house to attack the FBI, attempting to confuse the country with a secret police narrative that has been pushed by all of his allies, including Fox News.

Trump’s anxiety is well founded, the President of the United States is in for the fight of his life.

Mueller has already indicted two members of Trump’s campaign, and cut a deal with another.

He also flipped the former national security advisor Michael Flynn, and and former chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was interviewed by Robert Mueller just last week, many believe he has been complicit in the some of the questionable activity, and therefore is facing legal liability.

Mueller is investigating Trump’s son and law Jared Kushner, ¬†as well as his son Donald Trump Jr, the general expectation is that both men will be charged with crimes(many believe they are next) that could send them to federal prison for years not days.

Bob Mueller has also dug through Trump finances, including sending a subpoena to Deutsche Bank, a move that has had a startling ripple effect, further complicated matters for the President.

An unexpected development was the release of the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury, which provided the special counsel an all access look into the mind of Donald Trump.

His habits, his approach to the rule of law, his style of management, the works.

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All of that, combined with Trump’s public stance on the issue has created the type of showdown hollywood movies are made of.

Mueller has demanded an interview with the President, he could care less about the all the noise the Republicans are making on the Hill, or Trump’s position that all of this is conspiracy to push him out office.

Donald Trump is the target of a criminal investigation, and the lead prosecutor needs to interview him to better understand the case.

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The GOP has done its best to insulate the President from this interview, because everyone knows that Trump will almost certainly commit perjury, an impeachable offense that could lead to a criminal indictment.

Mueller has left Trump with zero options, he cannot avoid this, he cannot talk his way out of this, destiny is going to arrive for Mr. Trump, and because of his own actions, compromise is not going to be on the table.

America is in a scary place, we could be looking at the first America President to go down on criminal charges.

Get your popcorn ready everyone.




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