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The 17 year old teen who ran away with her coach has been found, and is safe

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Last week reports surfaced that 17 year old Florida teen named Caitlyn Frisina had gone missing amid rumors of a relationship with the soccer coach at her high school.

Her parents reported her missing last Saturday.

Frisna’s parents discovered “sexual snap chat messages” between the two in the time that their daughter has departed the home.

They also confirmed a sexual encounter between Rodriguez and their daughter.

Frisna’s parents  assumed after the fact that she had crawled out of a window, and taken to the road with the 27 year old Rian Rodriguez.

Law enforcement stated at the time that the pair of runaways was not in trouble, only that they wanted to see Caitlyn Frisina returned safely to her family.

Caitlyn Frisina’s family pleaded with her on social media to make contact with them, both parents published loving posts urging their daughter to come home.

Chaos would ensue from there as Frisna and Rodriguez worked their way up the east coast, occasionally being spotted on surveillance cameras in random and clandestine places.

Law enforcement authorities told the public they believed the two were headed to the Canadian border where Rodriguez has family.

Yesterday a vehicle matching the description of the car they were believed to be travling in was spotted in upstate New York outside of Syracuse.

The attending officer pulled the car over, and took Rodriguez into custody.

Shortly thereafter, Caitlyn Frisina was reunited with her family.

Caitlyn Frisina has since claimed that she was afraid to leave the country with Rodriguez according to the New York Daily News. 

Rodriguez is facing charges of interfering with child custody, and being a fugitive from justice, he could also face scrutiny from the Justice Department itself, who was made aware of the case this week according to law enforcement sources.

Rodriguez is set to be arraigned, and formally charged today.





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