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Video: Jay Inslee tells Trump to his face to stop tweeting about arming teachers

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President Trump has ruffled feathers all over the country with his controversial suggestion that American teachers recieve weapons training, and carry firearms while they are working in the event of an active shooter attacking schools.

The idea has been rejected by citizens, educators, and anti gun advocates alike.

In wake of the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool in Florida earlier this month, the White House has been on the defensive in regards to addressing the ensuing national debate on gun control, and after weeks of tweets and news bits, the Trump administration has not provided a viable solution.

Today, during a meeting with different governors around the country, Washington Governor Jay Inslee called Trump out in front of the entire country, and the President’s reaction was that of shock, he seemingly could not believe that his commentary as of late was viewed as destructive, and not realistic.

Futhermore, the President’s body language indicated that he was truly unaware how many people reject such a policy, and feel that such measures would do far more harm than good.

Trump’s surprise quickly transitioned to anger, instead of directly responding to Mr. Inslee’s extended request, Trump attempted to list the number of states that agree with his proposal while not actually naming any of them.

The President was clearly shaken by the encounter, but perhaps it’s healthy for him to recieve honest feedback as oppose to the cheerleading that Fox News and his surrogates deliver to him on a daily basis.



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