0p-ed: Ann Coulter’s anti semitic “Globalist” rant was pure evil

From Twitter

Ann Coulter strikes again.

The controversial media personality went on the type of Twitter rant that will further alienate her from decent society, a position she seemingly enjoys.

Coulter has made a career out of producing racially charged statements, her attacks have targeted African Americans, Muslim Americans, Hispanic Americans, and anyone else of color that does not agree with her extreme views.

Coulter’s bigotry was on full display yesterday, when she made a point of accusing Jewish people of being globalists.

In fact, she labeled all Jewish citizens as globalists, even going to the trouble of listing prominent Jewish American citizens in bullet form.

Coulter also referred to Israel as the home of the globalists, a home that “should be defended”.

Ann Coulter’s attack on the entire population of Jewish people on the planet was unfiltered bigotry,  but the tweet about Israel being the “last redoubt of globalists” is so offensive it’s scary.

Ms. Coulter’s behavior is evil, and that’s even worse than ignorant.




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