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Breaking: A car mows down protesters in Charlottesville Virginia

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A group of over 100 people marched through the University of Virginia last night in advance a rally later today that has been labeled Unite the Right.

Roughly 4,000 people are expected to show up to Emancipation Park, and protest the removal of General¬† Robert E. Lee’s statue.

The gathering has outraged America, and put the city of Charlottesville under the microscope.

Last night during a march that was promoted as a peaceful assembly, there was violence, specifically when the protesters, and the counter protesters met head on at the revered statue of Thomas Jefferson.

Given the historical context of such a march, and the post civil rights America that has firmly established itself, a bunch of white nationalists marching with torches out of nowhere through a college campus is going to ruffle feathers.

This march was not sanctioned by the University of Virginia, or the city of Charlottesville, both institutions came out against the march being staged on the campus,

Despite the outrage, the hundreds of white nationalists that marched yesterday are afforded the right of peaceful assembly.

This is America, agree with them or not, they have do have rights.

They do have the right to promote bigotry, separation, white genocide, and all the other disturbing dispositions within the philosophy.

But there is a point.

Threatening other demonstrators is not covered by the Constitution, neither is physical violence, or swinging torches.

This was not a peaceful assembly, law enforcement authorities had every right to shut the event down, and the city has a choice to make.

Events like these can spiral out of control, last night could easily have become tragic.

So while these white nationalists have the right to assemble, speak, and interact with one another, they have to understand that other people have the right to do the same thing, and will do so when thousands of bigots congregate to promote a dangerous value system.

There is great concern that this Unite the Right rally could become violent, lets hope the 1000 police officers that are expected to attend can hopefully keep the peace.

Update: 3:41pm

Violence has broken out in advance of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville Virginia.

Images and video have captured full blown violence as the police, and Counter Protesters clash with the White Nationalists over the removal of General Robert E. Lee’s statue.

The protest on the campus of UVA was but a precursor to the madness that has annexed an entire town.

The governor of Virginia issued a state of emergency earlier today, and offered a sharp rebuke for the white activist that have descended upon Virginia.

The violence continues as this report is being filed, and a bad situation just got much worse.

A car has run over some anti racist protesters.

A chilling video has hit twitter, and it appears to show an act of terror.

A hate crime.

The United the right Rally has done nothing but divide, and now people’s lives are in danger.

President Trump finally weighed in about an hour ago, but he only did so because he was under pressure.

What we have here is America’s worst nightmare, people fighting over politics, skin color, station, and all the differences that constitute our melting pot.

This entire situation is an outrage, and law enforcement will need to employ extraordinary measures to bring this situation under control.




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