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A follower calls out Kim Kardashian for the appearance of cocaine on instagram video

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Kim Kardashian is currently on the defensive after a video she posted appeared to feature two lines of cocaine.

As she is speaking to the camera, there is a white substance on the table behind her, and that white substance is cut into two different lines.

After being called on it, Kardashian took to twitter to deny the allegations, but social media users openly doubted her story, including citizens that recreationally use the drug.

Mrs. Kardashian West postulated that it was sugar, and based on her extremely healthy track record, many Americans were inclined to believe her.

Nobody will be able to independently verify what the substance on the video is, and it’s clear that Mrs. Kardashian West will continue to deny that she was using drugs at the time she filmed the video.

Or that she was in possession of drugs.

Despite this, the scrutiny she has experienced because of the video is almost as bad as being caught cocaine.

In that regard, much of this is unfair, but the nature of the beast when your as famous as Kim Kardashian West is.



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