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After shutting down NJ beaches for the 4th, Gov Christie take his family to one

From Rawstory

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie shut down the New Jersey state government this week citing budget issues.

That shutdown included state parks and public beaches in New Jersey, and it just so happened to be the 4th of July Weekend.

The governor’s timing was pretty crummy, but did what he had to do, it allegedly was politically the best move he could make.

Yet somehow, Christie found the time to visit one of the beaches that he prohibited anyone from attending, Island Beach State Park.

The Governor and the family will enjoy a long holiday weekend in seclusion.

It looks bad, Christie tell the common citizen they cannot go to the beach on the 4th of July, yet it’s totally fine if he wants to take his family to the beach?

Politically this is damaging, Christie does not appear to care about the people who voted him into office, and this act cuts across the aisle.

There is no doubt Republicans, and Democrats wanted to visit the beaches in New Jersey this weekend.

Bad form Governor Christie, Bad form.



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