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An open letter to the White House from a concerned American

From Twitter

The following letter was addressed to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, Washington DC on February 15th, 2017.

I have decided to publish it because I can’t be sure it will ever be consumed. 

Dear White House,

I want to drop all of you a note, this is addressed to everyone, and if some of you are offended, so be it.

Feel free to call me with any questions.

I understand we are only 26 days into a brand new administration, and that any expectations should be tempered.

Even more so in this situation, because the majority of you have little to zero experience in public office, so I have prepared myself to deal with some green.

I was cool with it, I watched the election then made my peace with the situation.

While I had personal concerns related to the electoral campaign of the new administration, I forced myself to look beyond party politics, and hope that all of you would assume your public positions with professionalism, and grace.

I respect the effort all of you enagaged in to lead this country, it takes courage to pursue such an important position within the global community, and self belief to actually sieze it.

Of course there is fringe benefits, but most Americans want to believe that President Trump, and his growing staff want what best for the country at the end of the day.

It’s my belief that governance goes beyond satsifying campaign promises, or signing hasty executive orders, or even instigating aggressive press briefings.

The American people need more than bravdo, we require additional substance beyond slogans.

I also wish to remind all of you that the White House is an institution, not a man, not a team, the American administration transcends time, some of the chaos that is currentlytaking place in your shop will eventually be tied to the same legacy as some of the great leaders of years past.

All of you are merely stewards, protectors of this nation’s legacy, the citizens, and the constitution of the United States.

This not a monarchy, none of you have been afforded life appointments, there will be administrations after you, America will move forward.

You don’t have the right to damage the institution because it’s not yours, it’s all of ours.

It’s my opinion that the new administration has not yet shown the ability to grasp or respect the importance of the constitutional  mandate that went into affect when President Trump was sworn in.

I have certain issues that I have outlined that I believe are worthy of review, and I would imagine that some of these concerns are shared by others.

All of you demanded to lead this country, the time has come for America to cash the check, and we have that expectation because the general election dictated that we rely upon the this White House to be our beacon.

To be the example, the standard, the best of what America has to offer.

My concerns are as follows.

  1. The lack of transparent conduct

As I stated, the White House staff should exemplify grace, dignity, there should be a heightened sense of decency among everyone involved. That also extends to the value system within the group, and the moral leadership they provide to the country.

So when I see almost daily examples of staff members making clear mispresentations, in many instances on national television, I cringe.

My pain is for America, not any individual or political party.

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This is not the way of the Presidency, the President and his staff are charged with our safety, our love, and our trust.

Misleading us is out of the question, there is no grey area.

Such acts depreciate the prestige of the institution, and sew distrust in Americans that just want to the country a healthy place.

Fibbing divides the country, please instruct staff members to refrain from doing so moving forward.

The behavior of Sean Spicer, Kellyane Conway, former National Security advisor Micheal Flynn and others has been disappointing.

Staff members are not only insulting America’s intelligence on a routine basis, they seem to lack the maturiy to take accountability for it.

The three of them, independent of one another, have given the impression that they are either dishonest, or lack the intellectual capacity to converse with the American public on a human level.

From alternative facts, or debating the size of the innaugration crowd with flimsy data, even being less than forthcoming about communications with a hostile power, all of it erodes the belief that the White House can provide the political and emotional support this country needs.

President Trump meanwhile needs to be better in this department, sometimes with him, its not that he is outright being dishonest, the problem is more about him not having all the information, and refusing to seek it out.

He needs to be better informed on a variety of fronts, and perhaps it would be beneficial to him to interact with Americans that don’t support him.

Having zealots and sycophants around him constantly is not good for the country, because that leave him out of touch with the majority of America.

Only 120 million Americans voted, a record low, and Trump did not win in a landslide, in fact, he needed the electoral college to assume office.

He lost the general election in a rout.

That is not a mandate, he cannot claim that most people in this country want him in office, so it could be helpful to reach out to those people.

I would implore all of you to be honest with the media, and perhaps considering huddling as a group before speaking to the press, that way the mixed messages, and apparant lies, won’t have such a damaging affect on America’s belief that this group can get the job done

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2. The use of the media and President Obama as a security blanket.

I believe the most important aspect of leadership is accountability.

Not power, or demands, or foolish mandates.

Accountibility is the true measure of leadership.

It goes for everyone.

The President, the staff, anyone who works within the administration.

As a journalist, I find it deplorable to see public officers slander and demean world class journalism.

There are reporters out there, burning the candle at both ends, fighting hunger and sleep deprivation to keep America informed, and by extension, protected.

We have the right to know what’s going on within our government if our security is at risk, and more importantly, if the people charged with leading us are conducting themselves in a manner that is unworthy of our most prized public office.

If you make a mistake, or take a position without all the information, the media has the right to analyze, and scrutinize irregularities.

This isn’t to say that irresponsible journalism isn’t out there, because it is.

But the cornerstone houses in this country have done a fine job of not allowing America to be deceived, they have even indulged this White House’s ridiculous disposition by seeking more sources than ever before to confirm stories.

I mean come on guys, the Washington Post secured nine sources before going to press on the Michael Flynn story.

That’s not misinformation, thats not fake news, as was confirmed when he “resigned”.

The Post went above and beyond the call of duty, give them, and the New York Times their respect.

The media has a job to do, and if they are performing at an optimum level, that’s good for everyone.

The complaints about leaks, and sensitive information being disseminated is the sentiments of unseasoned politicians.

This is the major leagues guys, leaks and top shelf investigative journalism are the nature of the beast.

You guys wanted this responsibility, and now, the scope of the job should be snapping into focus.

The time has come to produce, and to behave in a manner that indicative of all Americans, not just those that subscribe to Christian Indentity based princples.

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If you do you job, if your honest, if you dont cut backdoor deals, the media won’t be ablepublish stories that damage the general credibility of the administration.

Deflecting blame onto the media is a method perfected by dictators on their way to absolute power, thankfully the constitution makes that impossible, but the method being employed by the White House again erodes the institution, and our belief in it.

Being accountable for clear mistakes, lies, or illegal activity is much more impressive than pointing the finger.

Children point the finger, adults take responsibility.

I also find it troubling that the White House administration shamed and disrespected President Obama during on the campaign trail, but now somehow, attach controversial policy decisions and statements to his presidency.

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The Immigration ban for example.

President Obama is gone, he has moved on vacation, and the Chicago Cubs, using him as a scape goat for the poor administrative and policy related actions comes off as a cheap hustle.

It tells us this new administration was unprepared to handle this job.

Please start taking accountability for your actions, and stop dumping it on a President who never once in 8 years created the turmoil that this White House staff has in 26 days.

3. Russia

I am unsure what exactly has taken place, or how deeply the new White House is involved with the Russian Federation.

But I do know this.

The Trump administration has maintined an off the books relationship with a country that is considered an age old enemy of the United States.

This particular incarnation of Russia is hostile, cunning, and ruthless.

They are playing a long game with the United States, all over the world, and it’s troubling that this current administration seems to be working at the behest of a former KGB agent, and his subordinates.

My concern is multi facted.

Public statements, television interviews, declassified information, the removal of multiple staff members, and several investigations into the ties between this White House and Vladimir Putin is already a black mark on history.

It’s stain on the institution, no matter what happens.

In the interest of perserving the legacy of the Presidency, the White House needs to come clean about it’s ties with Russia, even at the risk of being removed from high ranking positons or criminal indictments.

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I wanted to believe that the White House was being honest about Russia, but the last 96 hours have changed my mind, it’s clear some of you are being less than honest, while putting the entire country at risk.

I also have my concerns about the constant communications between high level Russian officials, and senior level advisors to the President during the campaign.

I am concerned because of Wiki Leaks, the emails dumps, and the President using those dumps to damage a political opponent that the Russian President absolutley hates.

During the election, staff members mislead the press about the occurence of these communications, while attacking the media, and proping up the Russian Federation.

Spicer denied it yesterday, hours before a damming report emerged stating otherwise.

I understand that investigators are still combing through information, and as of now are not prepared to take action.

But the White House has a responsibility to be honest, right now, and to be accountable.

Vladimir Putin is no friend to America, he has proven it time and time again, if the new administration has been colluding with this man, and harming the American public behind closed doors, all of you need to step down, and allow more loyal Americans to assume the your positions.

This goes for the President too.

This is serious business, not some fleeting financial opportunity.

If any of you have done anything wrong, admitting it now will help you in the end.

However this situation unfolds, I dont want to look back and say “Not only did the Trump administration commit tacit acts of treason, they were too cowardly to step foward, even in the face of overwhelming evidence.”

4. The Immigration Ban and the wall

I am not going to beat a dead horse, your executive action banning refugees from seven muslim majority countries did not stand up to the legal system, or the constitution.

Nor will it ever, especially with the disdain the President has expressed for the concerned judges.

The “Extreme vetting” as you call it is bigoted, heartless, and unamerican.

It’s in direct contravention with American ideals and values, which is why the administration has been struggling in court.

While I agree keeping our borders secure is important, at what cost?

Is it worth sacrificing our humanity?

Our compassion?

Our value system?

No, its not.

Nobody in this country shall be discriminated against on the basis of gender, skin color, religon, or any of the other amazing traits that make us all unique.

Do you guys understand that?

Because of now, and I say this as an African American, it appears the only citizens you truly are concerned for is white people.

Working class, upper class, either way, and the sympathy the administration has shown to nationalistic organizations only underscores thats belief.

I don’t want to believe that I am following the lead of bigots, I want to believe that all of you are decent people with bright dreams for this country.

Please justify my hope, and put an end to this nonsense.

I also ask, that the general attitude towards Mexicans, and Mexican Americans be reconsidered.

Degrading and disrespecting  an entire population of wonderful people is not leadership, it’s bigotry.

To throw a blanket over millions and millions of people because 2% fly left of center is lazy, and despicable.

This wall that all of you are so gung ho on building will be seen as a symbol of hate, intolerance, and it will have an American stamp on it.

A slap in the face to Mexicans everywhere.

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It also will be paid for and maintained by the American taxpayer despite the fact that the White House promised it’s supporters Mexico would pay for it.

Which is another degrading notion.

Again, and I cannot stress this enough.

Right now, there is the appearance of bigotry in the White House, clean it up, or the legacy of this administration will be put in the same sentence as some of the more oppressive and hated in history.

In closing.

I sent this letter because I am troubled by the developments of the last few weeks, and watching what it’s doing to our proud country has become difficult to watch.

I implore all of you to start being honest with the American public.

You might not have a choice, as there is several investigations underway, but in the interest of our safety and emotional well being, the time for twitter trolling and mouthpiece press conferences is over.

From Twitter

American needs transparency now, or I don’t believe this staff will make it to Christmas.

No matter what, none of you can say you were not warned.


Christian James



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