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Another tirade: A man goes nuts at a spanish speaker for speaking spanish

From Twitter

Racist tirades in America are becoming more and more common since the new administration entered the White House.

A certain percentage of people now feel encouraged to behave in the most bigoted of ways, even when they know the camera is rolling.

Today’s example is much like the others.

A minority is attacked in a public place for being a minority in a public place.

A Spanish speaking man was conversing with his mother, when another man approached him in a wheelchair, and went absolutely crazy.

It went on for several minutes.

This goes far beyond this particular victim, the aggressor in this video seems angry at the idea that anyone would dare speak a language he clearly has not taken the time to understand.

People like this are baffling, do they truly wish that everyone was white, and spoke English?

That’s not what makes this country great, that’s not what the term “melting pot” implies.

Videos like this are seemingly produced everyday, all we can do is spotlight these individuals, citizens like the angry man on the tape would usually prefer to keep their true feelings about minorities a secret.

We can no longer allow them to do that.




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