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Antonio Cromartie welcomes his 14th child! His 3rd since a vasectomy

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Antonio Cromartie has super sperm, at least that’s how the numbers have played out.

The former NFL cornerback welcomed his 14th child this week, the 6th child he has had with his current wife Terricka Cromartie.

The Cromartie clan will be featured in an upcoming reality television show that will document the dynamics of this growing family.

Antonio Cromartie has never expressed shame or disappointment for fathering so many kids from different women, despite jabs from teammates and the media, the father of 14 totally embraces his role as a super busy dad.

14 sounds intense, but the most intriguing part of the story is that Cromartie underwent a vasectomy, and somehow(with a major league assist from his wife) still produced 3 beautiful children after the procedure.

Cromartie for his part is excited to welcome the newest edition to the family, Jhett Paxon is healthy, and ready to live a full life.

It’s disappointing to see some of the behavior on social media, certain users see this entire story as an affront to traditional values, conservative ideals.

To those people, just be quiet.

Unlike many dads in this country, Antonio Cromartie is there for his kids, he is not hiding from his responibilities, or running across the country to get away from them.

Cromartie is not welching on child support, or failing to be present.

That’s not the case here, this is a feel good story, a tale of a loving couple that is cultivating a massive family.

What’s wrong with that?



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