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Attention: Do NOT download the Fire and Fury PDF from Wikileaks

From Twitter

In a stunning move, Wikileaks released a PDF version of the best selling book Fire and Fury.

The digital organization has made the book available via a google drive link, and the file has been downloaded by servers all over the world.

The intent of this act is up for debate.

It certainly hurts author Michael Wolff, and the publisher that distrubuted the hotly anticipated book.

Fire and Fury went on sale last Friday, and has quickly become one of the best selling books on Amazon.

It also hurts Trump, the expose is now online, and presumably free.

But Tastie Fish wishes to inform everyone to stay away from that link, and don’t you dare download the book.

The tweet is copyright infringement, and while it’s unlikely the FBI will be able to punish Wikileaks for this dump, you can bet your bottom dollar they will bust you if your IEP address is associated with an illegal download.

In downloading the information, you are replicating it’s production, and doing so illegally.

Such an act carries a serious fine, like over $100,000 serious.

To all of our readers, and friends, please do not download this illicit copy of Fire and Fury, we would even encourage everyone to block Wikileaks on twitter to avoid any mistakes.

Wikileaks is engaging in criminal activity, don’t make yourself an accomplice.



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