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Bill Maher once again contributes odd commentary, HBO feeling the heat

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Bill Maker is not a month removed from using the term house ni%%er on television.

The episode damaged his image, and could have cost him his job.

Nobody believed he was a racist, but his commentary was woefully unacceptable, and was widely condemned.

Maher apologized, and the situation was swept under the rug after the initial backlash.

Bill Maher stepped in it again this afternoon with a tweet that boggles the mind.

You have to wonder what Mr. Maher is thinking, and who is representing him.

The team around Maher should have made it clear that racial jokes of any kind can no longer be a part of his public persona, he is working on thin ice.

This was an arrogant tweet, especially considering the criticism Maher received after the house ni%%er fiasco.

Maher has graduated from racial slurs to horrid generalizations, this tweet was harmful to all citizens of Asian descent, not just Koreans, or Korean Americans.

HBO put out a tough statement after the disaster a month ago, they distanced themselves from Maher, and his commentary.

What will HBO do now?



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