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Coincidence? ESPN suspends Jemele Hill 24 hours after Pence walks out

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In a move that has sent shock waves across the industry, ESPN has made the controversial decision to suspend Sportscenter anchor Jemelle Hill for her brutally honest tweets aimed at the President of the United States.

The suspension will last for two weeks.

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The incident is raising all sorts of questions among insiders.

After the subsequent firestorm, the statement by ESPN along with an apology from Jemele Hill herself led many to believe this situation had been resolved weeks ago.

That belief was reinforced after the President of the United States engaged  in a serious of strange episodes that seemed aimed at the black community.

It seemed ridiculous for ESPN to take action at that point, such a decision would normalize Trump’s behavior.

Not to mention, Hill is a superstar right now.

Jemele Hill is among the most talented television personalities in sports, a rising star and she achieved this status in an industry dominated by men.

Hill’s brilliant observational skills are on the cutting edge of the business,  she has fully transitioned from a beat reporter to the top anchor position at ESPN.

But all of a sudden, Hill is no longer allowed to be herself.

As a sitting American President expouses and rationalizes bigotry, a successful African American woman(who has a huge platform) defined by her social conscience is forbidden from expressing sentiments that many Americans happen to agree with.

Even as she is being attacked by the White House.

Even as the President’s outlandish behavior gives her statements more and more credibility.

Hill tweeted her commentary before Trump poached Colin Kaepernick(and black football players) to serve his failed legislative agenda.

That entire situation was meant to galvanize his base, a very public cheap hustle was that oddly transparent, and truly reprehensible.

Trump sat on a podium in Alabama, and called an African American kneeling in peaceful protest a “son of a bitch” AFTER Hill called him a white supremacist.

This move by ESPN comes 24 hours after Cowboys owner Jerry Jones threatened to bench any Cowboy players that kneel for the anthem.

Even after Jerry did so himself two weeks ago.

Then you have the fisaco with Vice President Mike Pence, who staged a walkout(a VERY expensive walkout for taxpayers) at the game between the Indianapolis Colts and the San Francisco 49ers.

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Pence’s visit to the game was a PR stunt, there was nothing authentic about it, which seems to be a running theme for a man that would jump out of a plane if Trump asked him to.

But there is a troubling pattern emerging, and anyone with two eyes can see it.

African Americans are being reminded of their place in America.

On the football field, in the television studio, and all over Twitter.

My dad grew up in the thick of the civil rights movement, in fact, he was born before it really kicked into high gear.

In Dad’s day, African Americans had to know their place, or face harsh consequences.

Being hung from trees and so forth.

Don’t be loud, don’t stand out, don’t talk back, don’t eat here, don’t sleep there, you cannot go to school here, dont have interracial relations, and most of all, “know your place”.

Work your ass off, serve in the armed services, but don’t you dare think about eating at the diner down the street.

Don’t you dare believe that the Constitution, and the rights afforded to all Americans, apply to you.

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The last 24 hours is the old guard throwing it’s weight around, a silent campaign is emerging.

For two billion dollar companies like ESPN and the Dallas Cowboys to engage in such questionable tactics so close together is not a coincidence.

It’s a throwback, and the President of the United States is pulling the strings.



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