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Conservative or not, Ashley Judd’s behavior on twitter was off base

During hourly sampling of Twitter, I came upon a situation that that should be examined, and that is the odd behavior of international public figure Ashley Judd.

According to a Twitter user named Truestory, Ashley Judd lumped in all Trump supporters with the KKK because they voted for the same nominee.

She then allegedly  trolled the user until she was blocked.

That’s over the top, political discourse should not become dangerous.

While the issue of race in America is as polarizing as ever, to label at least 60 million people conduits of a specific hate group is an incongruous, and Ms. Judd should apologize.

In no way does such behavior encourage healthy debate between both sides.

Some of us support the President, others of us want to see him fly away forever in a helicopter like Richard Nixon did.

Whatever your position, that does not give you free reign to make facile statements, and negatively label a considerable amount of decent Americans.

Believe it or not, there are Trump supporters out there that are not racist, that actually believe in his policies and believe his leadership is good for America.

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I have met them, I am even friends with some of them.

They do exist I promise you.

To lump all Trump supporters with Klu Klux Klan is similar to lumping in all liberals with the citizens that vandalized property all the country when President Trump was elected.

Judd’s statement makes the situation too black and white, a little gray area never hurt anyone.

Russiagate, healthcare, race relations, wire tapping, we are living a sh/t show ladies and genetlemen, no matter who you agree with.

At the end of the day however, we are in this together, for better or worse.

Lets debate, lets argue, lets disagree, lets even get angry, but by golly, lets be decent.

Or try our best anyway, I have flown off the rails myself, and I too should heed this advice.

I also have interviewed Thomas Robb, the “National Director of the Knights Party”.

I think there is a difference between a good number of Trump supporters, and the disturbing ideological principles of the Knights Party or whatever they want to call themselves.

Ashley Judd should apologize, and she also needs to demonstrate the courage of her convictions.

Why delete the tweet Ms. Judd?

The talented performer needs to own her actions, and walking back her lazy generalization would be a terrific start.





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