Dear Dr. Martin Luther King, thank you for everything

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Dear Dr. King,

I have spent the last few days attempting to sort out how to properly honor your memory.

Today is your big day, and I figured this would be best.

I thought about producing a cheap social media post, but that seemed unfit for the task at hand.

After all, you are an American hero, a man considered to be the protagonist of the Civil rights movement.

Your movement set the table not just for African Americans, but all citizens that dream of a free and decent society devoid of hate, and seperation.

You did not subscribe to extremism, or violence, like Mahatma Ghandi, you envisioned a society where progress could be made through unity, and peaceful demonstration.

In the end you was successful, even if you did not live to see the spectacular results of your efforts.

Thank you Dr. King for your courage, your vision, and your love.

Your words, and your sacrifice, helped deliver millions from an America that most of us would now like to forget.

Your efforts were relentless, you sacrificed everything for the American people, including your life.

Your death galvanized the nation, and turned the page on the institutional bigtory that had held America back as a people for far too long.

My parents were among many African Americans who believed in you, and then subsequently passed along your movement to a new a generation.

My father has departed the earth Dr King, perhaps you have already met him, but it was through his guidance that my connection to you was felt.

Like you, my father represented a disposition of peace, and civility, he taught me to not to make any excuses, including the color of my skin, or the color of anyone elses.

Today Dr. King, I wish to remember your journey, and express my infinite appreciation for your marverlous contributions to this country.

Right now Dr King, we live in a dangerous time, an era different from yours, but there is simmering similarities.

You probally already noticed this, but I interviewed the leader of the Knights Party of the Klu Kulx Klan, and in listening to him Dr. King, I realized that your dream for America still has yet to fully materalize.

From Twitter

When I watch our President Elect denigrate one of your brothers in arms, and then cancel a trip to the African American Museum (which you would love) the day of your rememberance, I know that your mantle still needs to be carried.

We are not there yet.

Although there is a march planned for this Saturday that truly is a tribute to your memory.

For the time being Dr. King, we can only rely on ourselves to observe your legacy, you provided a road map, it’s now upon us, the American people to find that lovely destination your spoke of on August 28th, 1963

We miss you, and we will see you soon






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