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Denver Colorado approves the use of marijuana in bars and restaurants?

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The legalization of marijuana has been a public and private battle that shows no signs of slowing down.

We have seen progress however, it seems the powers that be are becoming more enlightened by the day.

Washington and Colorado have legalized it, citizens can purchase grass in commercial locations in both states.

Because of the regulation, and heavy taxes involved, Colorado and Washington have made enormous amounts of money, and local law enforcement certainly cannot complain given what pot legalization has done to the drug related crime rate.

In the first year, legal marijuana sales topped $1 billion in Colorado, and those sales subsequently raised $135 million in taxes and fees.

That’s big business, certainly a better deal for the authorities than policing the use of it.

While some still view marijuana as an illegal drug, it has been proven to have medical applications, and in states where it is not legalized, often it is decriminalized.

Which is slightly different, but getting caught with pot in an area where it is decriminalized usually warrants a slap on the wrist.

Then again, users of the drug exhibit benign behavior relative to other drugs.

Typically marijuana users are not cited for violent behavior, you rarely see stoned citizens sticking up liquor stores, or destroying public property.

Most of the time these folk want to be left alone so they can eat, laugh with friends, watch television programming, or jam out too music.

The drug is seen by many as a form of leisure, among other factors, this dynamic led to the legalization of it.

From GM
From GM

Denver Colorado seems to be on the forefront of the marijuana movement, and today, the city of Denver took another step forward.

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Denver voters have approved a first-in-the-nation law allowing willing bars and restaurants to give patrons the option to use marijuana alongside a cocktail or meal. The catch: Smoking pot won’t be allowed inside, and the locations would have to first get the approval of neighbors.

Denver voters approved Proposition 300 on the same day that the nation’s largest state of California and two others legalized pot for all adults and five more states approved pot for sick people — signs of society’s increasing tolerance for the drug.

“It’s the sensible thing to do,” said Emmett Reistroffer, a Denver marijuana consultant and campaign manager for the pot-in-bars measure. “This is about personal responsibility and respecting adults who want to have a place to enjoy cannabis.”

The law is not as cut and dry as it sounds.

Establishments will be forced to jump through legal hoops to obtain a license, but any owner with a decent lawyer should be able to overcome.

At root?

This law seems innovative, but in reality?

It somwhat impedes on the rights of other citizens, it tramples on civil liberties to some degree.

Especially if some of those citizens are screened for the drug by their employers.

From Wiki
From Wiki

Citizens should be able to go to the bar without hanging out in clouds of marijuana smoke, or putting gainful employment at risk.

Commercializing the drug for private use is one thing, allowing public consumption in eateries and drinking establishments seems like a quantum leap.

I would imagine this law will be face some opposition.



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