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Ellen DeGeneres reaction to being honored by President Obama was heartwarming

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Nationally celebrated television host Ellen DeGeneres was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom yesterday at the behest of our commander and chief Barack Obama.

Ellen was one of several prominent figures that were recognized for gainful contributions to American society.

Michael Jordan, Robert Redford, Bill and Melinda Gates, the list of honorees read like the social register.

Ellen’s inclusion in this group is perfect, her lifelong quest for equality has inspired millions of people.

Ellen became one the first primetime entertainers to come out of the closet on the air, and she has championed for the idea of acceptance ever since.

From Wiki
From Wiki

She took an incredible step forward during the pinnacle of her acting career, at a time in which the country was not super tolerant on the issue.

Not that the country is totally accepting now, but there has been marked improvement.

Ellen’s leadership in that moment can never truly be appraised.

When President Obama awarded her the medal, Ellen’s reaction was indicative of her character.

She cried.

It’s Ellen’s humility that makes her so appealing to her fans, and a rightful recipent of this award.

Just watching this social monarch being humbled by the scale of her accomplishments is enough to make anyone choked up.

Ellen DeGeneres is very deserving of this honor, it’s about time her relentless contributions to the advancement of all be recognized.



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