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ABC’s decision to reboot American Idol could prove to be a billion dollar decision

From Fox

American Idol is easily one of the most successful television shows in history.

This generations version of American bandstand, and the show has created superstars, and established itself as a commercial giant.

As with most acts in entertainment, the property became stale after awhile, and because elements of the competition seemed choreographed, viewership started to drop, and the show runners eventually resigned themselves to canceling the show.

The “farewell” season was a year ago, so why is ABC bringing the show back after taking the fans through an emotional journey less than 365 days ago?

Well for starters, the show is no longer a Fox property.

From EW

“Look, from where we sit, we feel it’s a great time to bring the series back,” ABC entertainment president Channing Dungey told reporters on a conference call Tuesday to announce the network’s new fall schedule. “What I love about it, personally, [is that Idol is] about uplifting stories about people who make their dreams come true — and that’s our sweet spot at ABC. All of our franchises deal in that. For me, that makes it feel like the perfect home at the perfect time.”

ABC beating Fox to the punch could prove to be a billion dollar decision, if ABC can make innovative changes to the show’s format, and stay away from the stale elements of the original, Disney could have yet another windfall on it’s hands, and Fox will be stuck holding the bag.

Ryan Seacrest and Katy Perry are rumored to be joining the reboot of the program.





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