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Dave Chappelle will host SNL! What can we expect?


Legendary comedian Dave Chappelle will make his long awaited return to television screens next week when he hosts Saturday Night Live for the first time in his career.

The actor, writer, and producer is widely viewed as one of the most talented comedic minds entertainment has ever seen.

His immensly popular Comedy Central program “The Chappelle show” developed a cult following before Chappelle made the odd decision to turn down $75 million dollars, and move to Africa.

Since that decision, he has stayed in the backround.

He still tours, and makes guest appearances when you least expect them, but he is not the force of nature he was years ago.

So this appearance on Saturday night live will be viewed by many as his return to the mainstream.

Given the material he would use on the Chappelle show, it makes one laugh out loud imagining what he has planned for November 12th.

It will have to be toned down however, network television is not Comedy Central, so you have to wonder how much artistic freedom Chappelle will be given to develop the various skits that will appear during the program.


Blaxploitation should be featured heavily, ┬ábut the use of the word “Nigga” most likely will not be.

Chappelle will also use the showcase to provide commentary on the general election, which will be sure to elicit laughter all over the United States.

Should be a blast!



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