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Ed Sheeran brings his twitter account back online after GOT backlash

From HBO

Singer Ed Sheeran made a cameo appearance during the opening episode of Game of Thrones Season 7.

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He played a solider that was sitting at a campfire as Arya Stark was on the road headed towards King’s Landing presumably to whack out Queen Cersei.

Sheeran did well in his role, almost seemed like he was a potential love interest for Arya Stark.

I actually had no idea who he was, I just don’t pay attention to that type of music.

Without being aware of him prior to the scene, I fully expected him to continue on in a larger role.

Fans of the show were not having it, and took to social media to express extreme disdain for his turn on television’s most popular(16 million viewers) program.

Not everyone was unhappy, but there was so much vitriol afoot on the internet that Ed Sheeran was compelled to delete his twitter account.

Passion for a television program or movie is what makes entertainment such a wonderful distraction, but there is a point.

Last year Leslie Jones was practically run off social media because of her turn in the Ghostbusters reboot, and now Ed Sheeran has to exit social media because fans are upset with him taking the wonderful opportunity to appear on the show.

Sheeran for his part is taking it as stride as best he can, and teased an appearance on the Simpsons later this year in an Instagram Post.

Update, 4:07pm

Ed Sheeran is back.

At some point in the last hour, his twitter account resurfaced, sources cite fan reaction to his exit as the impetus to for his return.



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