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Here is 21 events that are 100% guaranteed to happen in GOT Season 8

From HBO

I have now consumed the seventh season of Game of Thrones, I have fully digested the pulsating narrative, and am locked and loaded for Season 8.

My friend Chase texted me a coupe days ago, lamenting the gut wrenching 2 years that awaits us all before we can return to Westeros.

This much is true, it sucks.

Despite the  wait, I still wanted to publish a tidy list of circumstances that will take place in Season 8.

I would like to add the disclaimer that I am not a show runner at HBO, I don’t have access to the scripts, nor do I seek out leaks.

I am balancing this list on coherent story telling, and what the producers hinted at in Season 7.

I certainly could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Which is why I will shave my head into a mohawk if all 21 of my predictions fail to come true.

  1. The Night King will be defeated before Cersei is, but not before killing off several major characters including the Dragon Queen. The Night King is on the move, he will force the hand of man within 2 episodes. 

2. Yes the Dragon Queen will die, then she will be resurrected by the Night King, Jon Snow will be forced to kill her, and the Night King, fulfilling the prophecy that was foretold long before the battle took place

3.  Sansa Stark will be an enemy of Jon Snow at various points during Season 8, and will eventually die because of it.

4. Cersei is full of sh/t, either she is not pregnant, or Jamie is not the father, just like she deceived King Robert, now she is doing the same to Jamie, the real dad is sailing to Essos to collect the Golden Company

5. Theon Greyjoy will claim his birthright in Season 8, and become the ruler of the Iron Islands, his story arc could prove to be the most satisfying to fans if you consider who he was during the formative seasons of the program. He will successfuly save Yara, which will prove he is ready to rule

6.  Arya Stark will either end up as the Warden of the North, or the Lady of Winterfell, she will become a folk hero during the great war against the dead, her skills, her professional approach, will inspire the north. Unfortunately, Sansa will have to die to cap off the rise

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7. Jamie Lannister is deep trouble. He currently rides for Winterfell. At some point, Bran is going to expose what Jamie did to him, not to mention, the reunitedStarks will finally have direct access to a Lannister, a famous Lannister. Jamie is miles beyond the man he was in season 1, in fact he is a good guy at this point, but that might no mean anything to thousands of northernersthat will want him dead

8. The Dragons will be the difference makers in Season 8. All of them, and it’s unlikely that all of them survive, in fact, odds are only one of them does.

9. Tyrion will be appointed as some type of governor, or ruler, he is the most emotionally complete charatcer in the series, and the smartest, he has been an administrator in training the entire show

10. Cersei is going to suffer mightily, she has been in a position of power for most of the show, killing countless people, and always getting her way no matter the cost. Her entire claim to the Iron Throne is based on lies, murder, and more lies. More than anyone, Cersei has it coming.

11. Who will do it? My money is on Arya Stark, Cersei Lannister is on her list, as is Melisandre, but Queen Cersei is Arya’s white whale, the ultimate achievement, and Arya will certainly be angered by Cersei’s betrayal of mankind in the fight against the dead

12. Nobody will have a bigger impact on Season 8 than Bran Stark, he is an endless source of pinpoint accurate information, going back thousands of years, and extending up until 30 seconds ago. He knows everything, Sansa finally realized the potential of his gift when she took down Littlefinger, others will realize it in Season 8

13. Samuel Tarley and Bran will make an awesome tag team in season 8, Bran has found the perfect companion, as has Tarley. Tarley is the academic, Bran is the prophet, together they will pose a massive problem for the Night King.

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14. Two major battles, one at Winterfell early, and the grand finale at Kings Landing late. The only potential foil in this precdiction is the army of the dead rolling over Jon Snow and the Dragon Queen, and going after Kings Landing. It would take the Army of the dead 3 days to reach Kings Landing of the North falls according to Jamie Lannister.

15. The Dragon Queen is pregnant, will be a human child, or another dragon? I would imagine it will be another Dragon.

16. Jon Snow will rule Westeros by the end of Season 8, his child like curosity over the condensed population living in Kings Landing was a major piece of foreshadowing.

17. The series will end with conflicts ongoing, all will not be resolved, it never is in this war torn country

18. Fans are going to cry all season long, tear jerker fest to the max

19. HBO will leave all sorts of openings for the spinoffs, overtly

20. Brianne of Tarth will become the head of the Kings Guard under Jon Snow, she is the most distinguished active knight in Westeros, and she has fulfilled her vow to the Starks.

From HBO

21. The Hound, and the Mountain will tangle, the Hound will win, avenging what the Mountain did to him as a kid,  and assume some type of role in the Snow administration.

I might publish a second list just before Season 8, but I am confident in these predictions.



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