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Ice Cube/ Big 3 in major trouble after CBL files lawsuit for $250 million

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Former NWA frontman and media mogul Ice Cube is looking down the barrel of a back breaking lawsuit as his venture, the Big 3 basketball league, was slapped with a $250 million dollar lawsuit by the Champions basketball league on friday,

The BIG 3 basketball league was venture that Ice Cube launched this summer, and the league enjoyed moderate success drawing thousand of fans all over the country.

The Big 3 basketball league inked an exclusive deal with Fox Sports, and developed advertising relationships.

After being the subject of jokes, the Big 3 is set to make money for a long time, it could become a billon dollar enterprise.

All of that could vanish after Shaya Jacobs of the New York Daily News reported that CBL founder Carl George is suing Ice Cube and the Big 3 for stealing his idea, and “poaching players”.

Ice Cube also appears to have been personally involved in questionable activity.

From the New York Daily News

“George contended the BIG3 signed players to exclusive contracts that precluded them from playing in another league. In the suit, George’s lawyers wrote, “When certain players expressed their desire to participate in the CBL games, Mr. Cube confronted the players personally about playing in the CBL and threatened the players that they would be fined, not allowed to participate in the 52 percent of revenues bonus pool, or replaced on their teams.”

The lawsuit also stated that the BIG 3 had 20 players under contract that had already been retained by the CBL.

This is all a very big problem for Ice Cube, the type of problem that could shut down his promising league.

Ice Cube can make the same argument Mark Zuckerburg did when the Winklevoss twins sued him over Facebook.

They came to me with an idea, I had a better one.

Tastie Fish will update this story as it develops.



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