Is “Arrow” the best television show out there?


The hit television show Arrow has amasssed a legion of fans in it’s 4 year run as television’s greatest action adventure.

The legend of Oliver Queen has been reimagined in a sleek sophisitcated manner, the program has paid proper homage to one of the DC comic book universe most beloved characters.

The show has spawned spinoffs, including “The Flash, and the Legends of Tommorow”.

The male lead is Stephen Amell, who has made a case for big budget hollywood roles over 4 seasons as Oliver Queen.

From Netflix

Because the show is so popular, and seems to be improving with each season, there is no reason for the CW to shut it down anytime soon.

It could even approach Smallville’s run of 10 seasons, because there is so many possibilities for the story lines.

But is the show better than Smallville?

The jury is still out.

Smallville laid the ground work for Arrow, it was the CW’s original comic book hit, but Arrow has taken the concept in a different direction, spreading the universe over multiple shows.

The low budget nature of the program hinders it, the special effects are not that impressive, but the storytelling is creative, and intelligent.

It’s difficult to compare the Green Arrow to Clark Kent, Clark’s story is the central journey within the universe, while Arrow is merely a cog.

Smallville was created by Geoff Johns, the same man that runs the DC movie universe now, the level of writing in Smallville was slightly beyond the show runners behind Arrow, but not by much.

Arrow is excellent, but it’s no Smallville.



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