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Katy Perry is worth more than $25 million

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American Idol is in the midst of a reboot.

Even though the show has only been off the air for a year, ABC is all set to bring the program back better than ever.

The impending program is making headlines as it goes about circling the wagons.

Ryan Secreast will be back on the program, and he will be joined by the amazingly awesome Katy Perry, who has emerged as one of the most popular international acts on the planet.

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Ms. Perry’s services come with a price tag, and the reasoning is sound.

Her presence alone is going to boost viewership as well as the general profile of the show and perhaps give this new American Idol it’s own identity.

Disney understands this, which is why they are paying $25 million dollars for Perry to judge the competition.

Considering her resume, the organic manner in which she cares for her fans, Katy Perry is a dream for ABC at that price.

She is worth $100 million per year if you consider revenue, advertising contracts,  optics.

Her net worth is estimated to be around $125 million, that number that will jump dramatically  in the next 365 days far beyond her actual salary.

She is about to garner serious endorsements, which is most likely why she was willing to take short money.

This is a steal for the network, but Ms. Perry deserves her propers for seeing the big picture.

This new wrinkle in her profile will only aid in the already fruitious cultivation of her brand, and could give this show just enough independence to make fans forget it’s only been a year.



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