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Op-Ed: America isn’t shedding any tears after ABC cancels “Roseanne”

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The Roseanne revival is over, and the title character is the reason why.

After the backlash surrounding a horrific tweet sent by Roseanne Barr describing Valerie Jarrett, the American Broadcast Network has terminated it’s relationship with the controversial performer.

The tweet, sent from Roseanne Barr’s verified account, was overtly bigoted, and the internet exploded.

The commentary from Barr is hardly surprising, she has become more and more bold as her show has blown away expectations.

It was the highest rated program on television, she had the President of the United States defending her against the evil liberals.

What happened here, is Barr got too big for her britches, she truly believed the country had digressed to the point that she could make these statements in public, and continue to work for a terresterial network.

Barr’s arrogance is off the charts, but it might not compare to her selfishness.

The program did so well despite the uptick in devisive commentary, performers that had not worked in years were getting paid again, the show could have easily run for another 3 years.

Barr cannot handle success, she could not resist sabotaging a successful return to television.

This would have been an extraordinary 3rd act in her career, given the political disposition of the prevailing party in Washington DC, Barr would have continued to command a massive audience, and now all that money is down the drain because she didn’t have the self control to be an adult.

It’s sad, but I am not sad for Roseanne.

She came back to television for one express purpose, to ride the wave of bigtory and xenophobia currently polluting the country.

The reboot of this program was an opportunistic move by all parties, so excuse me if I forget to commend the network for this firing.

ABC is complicit here.

They sat and watched as the program took direct shots at people of varying color and religon, including “Blackish”, which airs on the same fucking network.

I am not shedding any tears for Roseanne Barr, the writers, the producers, none of them, but it’s not fun to see a successful group of people lose their jobs due to the actions of one petulant child.

Good riddance Roseanne, although I suspect Rupert Murdock going to be calling you any minute now.



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