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Report: Ryan Seacrest is pretty salty over Katy Perry’s salary

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This website reported last week that Katy Perry’s $25 million dollar salary to judge American Idol is not actually consistent with the value she will bring, that Perry will be a commercial windfall for the show commercially, and Disney as a company.

Advertising, media appearances, and general exposure.

Perry is worth every dollar of that $25 million, even more than that.

Joining Perry for this new version of the program was supposed to be Ryan Seacrest, who has been a cornerstone of the show for over a decade.

Ryan is now having second thoughts, and it’s not only that Perry is making $25 million, rather, Seacrest is  allegedly upset because Perry has been “bragging” about it.

Perry was quoted as saying “I’m really proud that, as a woman, I got paid. And you know why? I got paid, like, more than like pretty much any guy that’s been on that show.”

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Perry makes a solid point, especially with the gender gap in terms of the workplace in America, but Mr. Seacrest does not feel that way.

According to reports Seacrest was offered $10 million to host the program.

Sources are indicating that Seacrest does not see the point of doing at the show, at a reduced salary, when a “newcomer judge” is making more than twice the money he is.

This would be 16th season Ryan Seacrest has been with American idol, he sees a low 8 figure salary as a slight.

The judges are considered the talent, and Katy Perry is talent.

You have to pay for talent, if Seacrest does not understand that, Disney will have no problem finding someone to host such a popular program.

Whining about Perry’s salary could be interpreted  as jealousy, or even worse.

If he already is grumbling about money, it’s might be best to keep him off the set, and go in a different direction.



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