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Review: Alien Covenant is the scariest film the “Alien” franchise has ever seen

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Go see this movie in IMAX or XD!!! You could quit possibly be viewing the most thrillingly gruesome Sci-Fi / Horror film of all-time. “Serve in Heaven or reign in Hell.” As a child, Star Wars and Alien catapulted my taste into an insatiable servant of Sci-Fi. This made me a huge Ridley Scott fan. And who wouldn’t be after films like this and Blade Runner. I would place this piece in the #4 spot in The Alien Anthology. This culminating because the movie has unbelievable special effects and great gory scenes throughout.

Which can make you squirm and feel uncomfortable.

The diversity and progression of these aliens are fantastic. But this film lacks the acting prowess and writing to conquer previous films. Prometheus possesses by far the most epic opening sequence of any Alien film, if not any movie, to date. But i do quit enjoy this sterile version of an androids birth. The irony being human birth is quit messy and confusing. The underlying concepts of God and man, man and robot are exquisitely meaningful and horrifying.

I love the fact that these new installments into these elder series, such as, Star Wars and Jurassic Park pay homage to the previous films. This is quit apparent in the last super scene and the disposal of a fallen comrade into space. Michael Fassbender is brilliant playing duel synthetic roles.

As for the rest of the cast, not so much. Although, Danny McBride is surprisingly good within the few lines he is afforded. I much rather Noomi Rapace than Katherine Waterston as the strong female lead. She just lacks the ability to come across as just that. Carmen Cuba definitely dropped the ball on casting this bunch. I enjoyed the complex but short lived relationship between David and Walter. This being the first Alien movie injecting two artificial beings. The most symbolic scene is when David is grooming himself.

The distorted image within the mirror preludes what’s to come and what most suspect. The pace of the movie is refreshing with almost no down time. Although, this film lacks continuity and has many holes in the plot. I rather fancy the explanation given to how the evolution of this alien came into existence.

Even though I love the alien queen in Aliens. We will have to wait and see how Ridley Scott ties together this film and Alien (1979).

Richard Wagner’s “Entry of the Gods into Valhalla” from Das Rheingold was the perfect selection to end this film.

“Sleep well. Don’t let the bedbugs bite.”

Tastie Fish rating: Four Fish out of Five



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