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Review: Baywatch has a case to be considered the worst movie in history

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To best honest I wasn’t sure if Baywatch was worthy of a published evaluation.

Against my will I opted to view the film as this magazine attempts to publish more reviews.

After watching the film, absorbing the mindless plot, and almost falling asleep out of sheer disgust, I wish for our readers to regard this post as a warning.

A public service announcement.

Unless you are person that primarily seeks muscles and legs in a film, if you are someone that has minimal standards for character development, gender equality, and a compelling narrative, this isn’t the film for you.

It’s not, do not waste your time going to the movie theater.

If you are by chance a person that enjoys the objectification of women, D level acting, and other garbage elements of society, this movie will satisfy that vice.

The light hearted humor has it’s moments, but are few and far between because the film tries way to hard to be funny constantly.

It has been quite awhile since a mainstream movie was this poorly done, the project itself is somewhat of a disservice in that it’s a film adaptation of a popular television show.

The pace of the film is forced, it attempts to be upbeat, but the quality of the production blunts it tremendously.

This film is an action/adventure movie, and within that genreĀ it looks even worse.

I would strongly recommend that anyone looking for a decent movie experience avoid this film, even after it goes to DVD.

It’s no mystery why it bombed at the box office.

Against a budget of nearly $70 million, this dumpster fire of a film pulled down a humiliating $18 million.

This film is easily one of the biggest box office flops cinema has seen in years, which is consistent with the quality of this film.

You can hire the most attractive talent on the planet, you can insert a million penis jokes in the dialogue, you can even make it self aware but stupid.

But don’t be upset when you film turns out to be a massive failure.

Tastie Fish Rating: 0 fish out of 5



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