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Review: “Cult of Chucky” is a guilty pleasure of the highest order

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Rarely do I watch straight to DVD films, but I made an exception when I had the opportunity to review the upcominng “Cult of Chucky”, the 8th film in the iconic franchise featuring the killer doll with that findiesh laugh.

I was much too terrified to watch Chucky in action when I was younger, homicidal toys that terrorize children was not my cup of team in the 80’s.

Never the less, I knew the basic story, and snuck in a couple viewings here and there as I grew older.

“Cult of Chucky” has surprising depth, I half expected a corny narrative with whack special effects and C level acting.

The film centers around Nia, the lone surviving victim of one of Chucky’s rampages, and her struggle to realize that she had been found guility of a crime she did not commit.

Bound to a wheelchair because of disease, Nia is truly a tragic hero, but even that is called into question as the film unfolds.

I would not nominate the film for an academy award, but the director has successfully taken a truck load of source material, and converted it into a midly entertaining film.

“Cult of Chucky” has a Beatle Juice feel to it, this is the most creative Chucky based story the franchise has seen to this point.

The mythos surrounding Chucky lays the foundation for the film, but reimagined with a millenial feel.

Cult of Chucky film is both a sequel and a reboot.

Cult of Chucky succeeds because it’s not afraid to laugh at itself, throughout the film the showrunners consistently poke fun at the concept of a children’s doll demonstrating super human strength, or cat like agility.

Staging the film in a mental institution also adds to the festive nature of the story, because everyone is already crazy, so a two foot doll walking the halls with a knife in his hand is almost par for the course.

Cult of Chucky is shot extremely well, the pristine editing makes for 5 or 6 moments of pure horror, and the score is amazing, the best I have ever seen in a straight to home film.

Because the film is a sequel to 6 other movies, it can be confusing to keep up with all references to different murders Chuckie has committed over the last 30 years, but the film does not dwell on the source material, there is a genuine effort to focus on the characters in the film.

The supporting cast did a fantastic job, the people around Nia all exhibit different types of mental illness, and the actors do an amazing job of conveying the diffferent components of each condition.

The expose on mental illness gives the production a certain credibility, great care went into the script, I would not be surprised if medical professionals were directly involved in the program.

The plot of the film ties together well, and the true villians does not reveal themselves right away.

I wont spoil the movie, but for what I expected, this was a darn good movie, and certainly worth a look if you happen to have the time.

Tastie Fish Rating: 3 Fish out of 5




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