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Review: Despite the haters, “Infinity War” soars to extraordinary heights

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After experiencing Infinity War Thursday night, I opted not to publish a review for two reasons.

  1. Many of our readers had not seen it, and there was no way I could provide feedback without spoiling it.

2. I was so overwhelmed that it was physically impossible for me to write a review that would make any sense.

I will try my best not to spoil the film, but I have to publish something or I will go crazy.

My brain crashed Thursday night after the movie, I walked out of the theater in total disbelief, sporting a massive headache that only dissipated when I forced myself to stop thinking about what I just observed.

By sheer coincidence, I had the opportunity to watch the movie with a fellow Marvel junkie, and we were BLOWN AWAY.

Infinity War was majestic, it was a different class of cinema, the pace and the granduer of the narrative could give any Star Wars film a run for it’s money.

High megaton action, moviegoers will barely have a chance to catch their breath.

Infinity War is not an Avengers movie, earth’s mightest heros are the B-side of the promotion, one could make the argument they should not even be on the marquee.

No, this opera was about Thanos, and his spiritual journey to attaining undisputed status as the most powerful being in the universe.

Which he did, and he did it in style.

I would compare Thanos to the late Heath Ledger’s Joker, the only difference is “the Dark Knight” was a Batman focused film, it was shocking to realize that Thanos was the main character, and everyone else was backround noise.

Like the comics, Thanos believes he is a hero, that his machinations are that of a savior, he views himself as a messiah in waiting.

Thanos does not regard himself as a genocidal maniac, quite the opposite.

Thanos believes he is a God, and that he alone has the responsibility to keep all life in balance, his destiny is to prevent us from destroying ourselves.

There was a religious element to the film, some of the scenes felt like scripture.

Marvel presented a benevolence to the character that I didn’t anticipate, I didn’t think Marvel had the cojones to depict who this being really is.

Thanos displays loves, affection, sympathy, empathy, he is the defintion of an anti hero, and his rampage of destruction is a nearly 3 hour assault that ebbs and flows, and takes the viewer along to witness the battle that ended time.

The last scene of the film proves the true nature of Thanos, it’s impossible to label him an indiscriminate murderer.

From Disney/Marvel

Thanos was so devastating, that he upstaged everyone, but that does not mean the other characters did not deliver.

The Black Order was ferocious, I am having troubling pinning down a more impressive group of henchmen(and woman) in movie history.

The children of Thanos are sinister, devious, all brilliant (and deadly) psychopaths in their own right, I was disgusted with the fact that they were dispensed with so easily, all of those characters could appear in future Marvel Movies as lead villians, Disney better give the Infinity Guantlet a yank, and bring all of them back as soon as possible.

The Avengers meanwhile were a broken mess, a shell of the unstopptable team we saw in the previous two installments, and watching them bicker and cry amongst themselves made the team difficult to root for, which was another shocking development.

I did not feel sorry for the Avengers because they have depreciated into a selfish group of individuals that let foolish pride stand in the way of planetary security.

Thanos went after Earth because he knew the Avengers were fractured, that they were ripe for the taking, the events of “Civil War” reasonated far beyond the film, that internal squabble actually brought an apocalyptic event to planet.

I would not say the Avengers were the villians of the film, but they are partially to blame for the madness that desecend upon the planet, and by extension the universe.

Which brings me to Captain America, who destroyed the Avengers in his last appearence.

In some regards, I believe he is the primary reason this all takes place, his arrogance laid the ground work for the event, and the Steve Rogers we see in the film is not someone that I could root for, it was an extremely brooding performance, the fresh faced hero we know and love is gone.

Iron Man shines, as he always does, he is among the actual heros in the film.

The Guardians of the Galaxy gave the movie some of it’s lightest moments, and sprinling Thor into the mix produced some of the funniest back and forth you will ever see.

Gamaroa steals the show, her role in the film is central to the plot, and was set up by the events of the first Guardians movie.

Thor was at his best in this film, the new wise cracking version (which I did not warm to initially) of the Asgardian heir fit into this movie like a jigsaw puzzle piece.

I remember thinking that I wished Thor was a Guardian of the Galaxy full time, it’s crazy to think he will only appear in one more Marvel movie.

The Black Panther was never really given a chance to make a true impact, I would almost describe his involvement as that of a glorified extra, the film runners were careful to not focus too heavily on the Wakandan King despite his immense popularity at the moment.

There was plenty of cheers Thursday night, but the loudest was for the Black Panther, which reaffirmed to me that very quickly the character has become the premienent franchise in the Marvel Universe.

I felt like Vison was a bit lost in this film, his incredible powers were never really put on display which was disappointing, he reminded me of Harrison Ford in the Fugitive, the man was running for his life the entire movie.

Dr. Strange surprised me, I didn’t really like his solo film at all, but he was a superstar in this movie, his take was complete, some could argue that he is now the leader of the Avengers in the battle against Thanos.

He has risen to that level because of how deeply flawed Tony Stark and Steve Rogers are.

Stephen Strange was level headed, emotionally balanced, and super powerful, even Thanos was impressed (and a little shocked) with his abilities.

The Scarlet Witch was also pretty amazing, at one point in the film, her powers are on the same level as Thanos, despite the fact that the purple despot is sporting infinity stones, and given what transpires at the very end of the movie, Thanos might want to leave the galaxy before the Scarlett Witch can find him.

Natasha Romanoff, like the majority of the other Avengers, did not have much of a role to play in this film, which is a dynamic that is lost on alot of people right now.

Everwhere I look, people are complaining about the film being overstuffed, top heavy, even though the movie was promoted as a climax to 10 years worth of films.

Marvel spent a decade developing each and every character that appears in the movie, we know who they are, what they represent, and against the backdrop of a universe wide battle, it would have been foolish to focus signficant time developing characters that have already been developed.

The ending meanwhile has blown movie fans away, I got so many messages asking me what it means, and I told every last person to read the comic.

That’s what I did, I read this comic when I was kid, and the ending jives with canon, it’s disappointing to me that so many fans simply invest in the films, and not the source material, in that regard, those people could not possibly appreciate this film for what it is.

A masterpeice, a watershed development in comicbook history, the moment that Marvel took it’s cinematic storytelling to the next level.

It’s scary to think this is only the first installment, in a year, we will get the conclusion, and until then, it’s difficult to write a comprehensive review because this story is incomplete.

“Infinity War” was a glorious achievement by itself, and will go down in history as one of the defining films of it’s generation.

Tastie Fish Rating: 4.9 fish out of 5




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