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Review: “Solo” is a critical and commercial failure

From Lucasfilm

Disney excited Star Wars fans everywhere when the company announced they would be developing spinoff films that would compliment the primary timeline of the general narrative.

It was a bold idea, but one that guaranteed a new Stars Wars movie once a year forever.

These films would tell stories that the fans have been waiting to see, plug holes that had yet to be plugged, show us new worlds, and dazzling adventures.

In many respects, fans saw more potential in the spinoffs than the sequel trilogy which is currently entering it’s 3rd phase.

When Rogue One slammed into theaters 2 years ago, it restored the Star Wars brand in sensational fashion, a superior work of art that belongs in the discussion with the “Empire Strikes Back”.

It also made a billion dollars, and set the tone that Disney was not playing around with it’s most bankable property.

Rogue One was the movie fans were expecting when the prequel trilogy was announced, a film that truly had the Star Wars feel.

Rogue One was so good, that fans developed the instant expectation that the spinoff movies would classics.

Fans starting dreaming about other potential Star Wars stories.

Tales from the Old Republic, or a Sith lord driven film, Princess Leia as a rising politician/revolutionary, an origin story about Palpatine.

The possibilities seemed limitless, after the snooze fest that was “Force Awakens”, the concept of these standalone stories restored my wavering faith in the franchise.

I even wrote an article about it.

I was so excited about the standalone movies, that I ignored the fact that the “Last Jedi” was a humiliation to the legacy of the films.

I won’t ignore Solo however, the problem at hand here is bigger than the film itself.

I won’t spoil it, but I will say the following.

Solo is the worst star wars movie I have ever seen, and that includes the prequels.

It’s lazy, slow paced, poorly written, and takes zero chances to enhance the mystique of the swash bucklin smuggler.

As I was watching the film, I kept asking myself why we need to see Han Solo’s origin story, why this film was moved to the front of the line when there is so many other possibilities out there?

This movie did nothing to further the greater narrative, it was a complete waste of time and money, Ron Howard has no business directing Star Wars films, and this embarrassment proves it.

To be fair, this film had a rack of production issues, changed directors, suffered from an extremely loose marketing campaign, and eventually was drowned out by the force of nature known as Infinity War.

There was no excitement for this film, no buzz, it’s as if the world knew it was going to be dud.

The box office has spoken, this is by far the lowest grossing Star Wars film of the Disney era, and might have trouble breaking even.

It will stand as the biggest loss Disney has seen in years.

The result should provide a wake up call to the house of mouse.

Star Wars has to be done correctly, you can’t trot out anything and expect the fans to accept it.

We knew this movie was going to suck, we knew the story was not something we needed to hear or see.

Now Disney knows it, and should adjust accordingly.

They need to scrap plans for the just announced Boba Fett movie, the next spinoff movie must deal with the Jedi, the Sith, or the force.

It’s time to get back to basics, we want to see a classic star wars movie that tells a story that matters, and we want to see lightsabers.

Star Wars is more than a cash cow, it’s a sacred tale that means so much to so many,  Disney has some nerve selling the soul of the property with such little regard for the impact such a decision would have.

Back to the drawing board, after a lackluster 2nd entry in the sequel trilogy, and the disaster that is “Solo”, it might be time to bring George Lucas back into the fold.



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