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Review: The “Black Panther” is a landmark masterpiece

From Marvel

The Dark Knight, Iron Man, and the Black Panther.

When history is written, those three movies will be seen as the greatest superhero stories of this generation.

Infinity War could be added to that list, we will have to wait and see.

When I first learned that the legend of the Black Panther would be realized on the silver screen, I was apprehensive in the respect that Marvel(or Disney) has not done a bang up job of representing African Americans, or African culture in general, I concluded that the film would be a cheap shout out to the black community in the interest of growing the general audience.

After viewing the film, after absorbing one of the the most awesome stories I have ever seen in a movie, I am more than willing to stick my foot in my mouth.

I won’t provide spoilers, just a knee jerk reaction.

The Black Panther goes beyond Marvel Studios in terms of it’s scope, it’s one of the most beautiful films about Africa(and social change) in modern cinematic history.

Brimming with culture and confidence, the “Black Panther” is super brilliant, an emotional thrill ride that will capture the imagination of movie goers all over the planet.

The film is the total package, an unprecedented convergence of technical wizardy, top flight acting, and a message that appeals to all human beings, not just citizens of African descent.

The “Panther” does provide stunning social commentary that will reasonate with the black community during a time in this country where race relations are at their lowest point.

The Panther stays true to the mythos of the Wakandan King, but provides a narrative that is somewhat original, the director deserves high marks for keeping the narrative grounded while blowing the audience away with bells and whistles.

Panther truly succeeds in creating a standalone story, the film does not need Iron Man, or the Hulk to make a random appearance, in fact such a decision would have undermined the social significance of the movie.

There is barely any references to the Avengers, Tony Stark, Thanos, the Infinity Stones, this production succeeds in establishing it’s own identity without the taint of guest appearances.

This landmark film is a game changer for Hollywood, and the black community, the myth that a black actor cannot carry a big budget super hero adventure has been vanquished by this amazing work of art.

The Black Panther also pays homage to other great films about Africa and the black community, the “Lion King”, “Coming to America”, “Straight out of Comption”, “Boyz in the Hood”, this might best one of the blackest movies ever, and that’s huge because it’s a mainstream film that will be consumed by citizens that normally would turn a blind eye to black culture.

The score, the supporting cast, and the humanity of the title character make it by far the greatest marvel movie ever.

The women of this movie are flat out magnificent, glorious, strong, sexy, and emotionally complete.

I am not going to say any more, get off your ass, and go see this movie, it’s required viewing for any movie goer, not just citizens with black skin.

Tastie Fish Rating: Five Fish out of Five



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