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Review: “The Dragon and the Wolf” sets up a dazzling finale to GOT

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The seventh season ofGame of Thrones  is in the books, and I must say, the series is starting to reach untouched status in my little weird universe of important cinematic productions.

“The Dragon and the Wolf” wrapped up a season that has left the fans starving for more.

Good thing we only have to wait to 2 years.

Reviewing a season finale is impossible without examining the big picture.

A Song of Fire and Ice is the seminal fantasy narrative of our time, it eventually will be compared Star Wars,  Lord of the Rings,  The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.

Name a film this year that was better than Game of Thrones.

Name 5 films in the last 30 years that you would take over eight seasons of Game of Thrones.

Game of Thrones has gone to another level, the seventh season elevated the series to rarified air.

The Dragon and the Wolf was perfect, a conspicuously quiet yet momentous episode that forshadowed some major league drama two years from now.

The six episode finale is going to be off the charts, there is virtually no chance it won’t knock our socks off.

Everything is in place for several wars that will define the series, and the glorious characters within it.

The biggest takeaway from the episode was the consumated romantic bond between Jon Snow, and Daenerys Targaryen.

The political alliance now has some spice to it, and the rammifcations of this union will have a serious ripple effect if you consider the historical context.

Jon’s brother Robb Stark was killed for sharing a bed with a foreigner, and it was a Targaryen king that killed thousands of northerners.

The northers are going to flip out on Jon Snow in season eight, not only was Jon gone for months, not only did he bend the knee to a southern ruler, but he also shared a bed with a foreigner usurper that is actually his aunt.

Jon Snow also is not who everyone  hinks he is, he is the rightful heir to the Seven kingdoms, which is going to cause friction with the dragon queen, it’s a lock that the revelation will affect the budding romance.

The chances Jon Snow survives season eight will make an awesome bet in Las Vegas a year from now.

I would say its unlikely.

Jon Snow is a hero, but a dumb hero, a fact illustrated by his suicide mission beyond the wall that ultimately helped the army of the dead and did nothing to bring humanity together because Queen Cersei is much more concerned with consolidating her power than saving the world.

About Queen Cersei.

Perhaps the most intriguing character in the show, her fall has been beautifully executed by the showrunners, despite her consistent ties to the crown, Cersei has slowley watched her entire family destroyed, and she is being face with foes that she does not totally understand.

Worst of all, she has alienated Jamie, her brother lover lost faith in her humanity in the finale after she threatned to execute him, and left the crown in an extremely weakened position.

Which was odd, because two episodes ago Cersei acknowledged that Jaime’s meeting with Tyrion was arranged without his consent or knowledge, but than in the finale accuses him of being a traitor for “conspiring” with his brother.

The scene between Cersei and her brother demonstrated the complete lack of love Cersei has, which is the defintion of evil.

When the mad queen went back on her word, and did not send her armies north, she sealed her fate, she is as good as dead.

Either the living will kill her for lying like the day is long, or the dead will come for her, a point made by Jamie before he bounced.

Cersei is in a dark place, no allies, dwindling forces, major houses united against her, the army of the dead marching in her direction, and the winds of winter finally hitting Kings Landing.

It’s also important to remember that Drogo burned “a 1000 wagons” during the assault on the Lannister Army, wagons that were carrying food, supplies, the citizens of Kings Landing might also be a problem for the Queen as the capitol starts to freeze.

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Jaime left Kings Landing, but where is he going?

Winterfell might not be the safest place for him right now, neither is Kings Landing, but Jamie never atoned for turning Bran Stark into a cripple, and we have already seen how damaging Brans memory can be to those living in the present.

Just ask Little Finger, who finally got whacked after years of treachery.

It was the most satisfying moment of the episode, and the first time I have seen Sansa Stark live up to her birthright.

Sansa has suffered throughout the series, it was gratifying to see her obtain justice against the man that essentially tore her family apart, and turned her over to the most evil man in the world.

Sansa became the Lady of Winterfell during that scene, Jon Snow can now move on knowing the family is in good hands.

Winterfell is going to be poppin in season eight, everyone is converging on that location.

The Night King, the Army of the Dead, iced out Viserion, the White Wakers, the Dragon and the Wolf, the Dothraki, the Unsullied, presumably Jamie Lannister and Sir Bronn of the blackwater, the Hound, Brienne of Tarth, Samuel Tarley is already there.

Season Eight will be Winterfell heavy, and the storylines are absolutley endless.

The ending of the episode sets the table for an awesome finale.

The army of the dead destroyed the wall, and is marching through the seven kingdoms.

The time for chatter and diplomacy is over, the war is here, and many people are going to die, but the breach of the wall solidifies a two front war in season eight.

The first war will between the living and the dead, now that the Night King is marching , they have to fight him right away, or he will turn the entire country into zombies.

The Night King is a more eminent threat than Cersei, so he will have to be elminated first.

After that?

Kings Landing is fucked, it’s over, there is no way the mad queen survives , the alliance against her is formidable, and any lives lostin the great war will be blamed on Cersei’s shamless act of betrayal.

That includes major characters.

If Jon Snow dies defeating the army of the dead, what do you think the Dragon Queen will do to cersei?

Vice versa?

Lastly, the Night King need to be given some semblence of humanity, at some point, his motives will have to be made clear, after all of this time we don’t really know what his end game is.

The Night King is a fasincating character, but he needs to be given a voice, language, more mythos, hoepfully that will come next time out.

The White Walkers would be even more intriguing if we could watch them communicate.

The Dragon and the Wolf was a flawless precursor to the series finale, and the countdown to the battle for westeros has begun.







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