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Review: The thrilling and clever “Death Note” is a bad ass Netflix original

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Netflix continues to breathe fire on the industry with the powerful thriller “Death Note”.

Bad ass, must see television, a sensational movie that holds your attention hostage.

The symbolism, the imagery, the social commentary, an authentic expose on the teenage perspective.

Prior to viewing the film, my friend told me the movie reminded him of the craft which I thought was a dramatic statement to make because the Craft was ahead of its time, and beloved cult classic.

Death Note is not “The Craft”, such a statement is a disservice the former.

“Death Note” is much wider in scope, more advanced in ambition.

The”Death Note is a book that gives it’s owner the power to control destiny, and the conduit of that power is a sinister death God named Ryuk(voiced by William Dafoe” who seduces Light Turner (the protagonist) into weilding the power of the book full tilt, and implementing an unprecedented measure of viglante justice on the world.

The Death God is an amazing character, and the showruners do not overuse him, his role is more that of a kingmaker.

“Death Note” is a more like Batman than anything else, and like the caped crusader, our anti hero creates a name to personify his rage towards the wicked.

Just like Bruce Wayne, the hero suffered great tragedy at the hands of criminals, and channels that fury to save the world.

“Death Note” is a story of morality, free will, right and wrong, the basic pillars of being a human being are examined in gruesome fashion, and set against the backdrop of the entire planet.

That’s what makes this film incredible, it’s not just confined to some random suburban high school, this film is worldwide, and involves a wide range of characters.

The plot unfolds at break neck pace, this film is fast, and really gets cooking in the 2nd act when L(the quirky masked detective) announces to the world that he intends to take down Kira.

L is a true hero, who because of the anti villian tone of the film, is actually presented as the villian.

“Death Note”  provides genuine emtional moments as a father, and his son, continually struggle to cope the with the loss that has defined their lives.

The film boils down to a struggle for power, a surprising turn of events in the third act send the narrative in an harrowing direction,  the conclusion is  epic.

It’s astonishing that Netflix did not release it in theaters, I would highly recommend to anyone who has 2 hours to burn

Tastie Fish Rating: 4 Fish out of Five




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