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Review: Star Wars Rogue One is an instant classic with swagger

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Absolutely intoxicating.

I finally had the opportunity to witness the newest installment of the Star War Universe.

After a 2 year wait, and a so so star wars movie in between, I had silently hoped that Disney/Lucasfilm would eventualy be able to live up to the legacy of the original trilogy.

So you can imagine my sheer delight last night, when for the first time in my life, a Star Wars movie delivered upon it’s promise.

I have decided to forgo examining specific plot points, many of us have yet to see the film, and I would not dare spoil such a splendid peice of art for those that have yet to consume it.

I plan to publish some issues I do have, but that will take place at a more appropriate time.

I will say this.

Rogue One is a comprehensive entry into the original Star Wars Universe.

The technology unleashed by the filmakers will change the movie industry.

The motion capture innovation is most shocking of all.

I have watched “Episode 4: A New Hope” thousands of times, I know the movie backwards, and forwards.

Disney has found a way to take actors that appeared in movies over 40 years ago, and present them to us on screen.

The scenes with Grand Moff Tarkin gave me goosebumps, the actor (Peter Cushing) who played him is dead, but last night?

There he was, walking, breathing, administrating the terrifying power of the Death Star.

Tarkin was a brilliant millitary mind, a cunning tactician, and in many ways, the architect of the empire.

He never has been given his just do, and Rogue One Finally gives it to him.

Disney should be applauded for bringing him back to life.

Darth Vadar meanwhile transported me to my childhood.

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When it was clear that Vadar would have to appear in the movie, there was concern that the filmmakers would undermine the character with a unsatisfactory version of the Former Jedi.

Based on what I saw last night, it’s clear as day that the original creators of this opera had a huge hand in the presentation of this new Vadar.

Down to the dialogue, kudos to James Earl Jones.

Anakin Skywalker is at the height of his power in this film, the scariest version of the Sith Lord we have ever seen.

The filmmakers also rewarded the fans by showing us what the home of Darth Vadar looks like.

Some might not have noticed, but the extended scene with Vadar takes place in his palace, on a planet he owns.

It was a rare glimpse into the domestic backround of the character.

Darth Vadar also closed the show in breathtaking fashion, I won’t say how, but its among the more bad ass 30 seconds I have seen in any movie, let alone a star wars film.

The heros, led by Jyn Urso, inspire, and amaze.

They fit together like a jigsaw puzzle, the chemistry between the group is similar to the Guardians of the Galaxy, but with much more depth given the serious nature of the narrative.

The journey within this film is emotional, the sentiments that drive the characters move the audience back and forth, before taking you with this rag tag group of rebels as they fight for the fate of galaxy.

You become a fan of the group, cheering them on as they fight for a cause bigger than themselves, and they make this choice with the odds stacked against them.

Jyn, the leader, is a character that embodies this hope.

“Hope is what rebellions are built on”

She is fearless, compasionate, and stubborn.

Felicity Jones gives the performance of her life thus far, Jyn Urso  may prove to be the signature role of her career.

Jyn comes of age in the film, graduating from a low level  criminal to a living legend in the span several days.

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Jyn changed the fate of the Galaxy,  the tragic circumstances of her mission only being shared now give her choice so much weight.

The large scale visuals in this film are groundbreaking.

The images of the Imperial fleet moving and shaking in space are beyond impressive, they have taken the magic from the original trilogy, and injected it with steroids.

The coloring, the cinematography, not since Jurassic Park have I personally been blown away by special effects, but Rogue One was surreal at times.

This was by a mile the best sequence of battle scenes this franchise has ever seen, not even the battle at the end of Return of the Jedi can touch the final battle in Rogue One.

It’s a standard setting confrontation, the bar has been raised to the sky for future directors within the Star Wars Universe.

I was in shock, it felt like watching a heavyweight championship fight.

It ebbed, it flowed, and it was violent.

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This was a war film, not a by golly gosh tale.

It wasn’t cute, this was not Beauty and the Beast.

This was the darkest Star Wars movie we have ever seen, and knowing the fate of the heros in advance made it spellbinding.

As someone who takes this franchise to heart, I try to avoid making statements that would discredit, or disrespect the original trilogy.

But I can say with complete confidence that Rogue One Squadron is the the greatest Star Wars movie I have ever seen.

It’s more exciting than a New Hope, darker than the Empire Strikes back, and more visually stunning than Return of the Jedi.

The only component preventing this movie from being an automatic GOAT is the lack of the Jedi/Sith narrative, that’s the only thing missing, and that was by choice.

They easily could have inserted Jedi into this film, but Disney seeks to redefine what Star Wars means.

It’s not only about the Skywalkers, or the Star Destroyers.

Disney is proving that Star Wars is an epic,  with endless possibilities, and the sensational delivery of Rogue One proves it’s possible capture audiences without lightsabers.

Disney has succeeded, this film is flawless, and lays the groundwork for even more amazing stories.

I have seen four Star Wars Films in the theater in my life at the time they came out.

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I wasn’t born when a New Hope dropped, I was but a twinkle in my fathers eye when Empire Strikes Back hit the United States, and I was just a baby when Return of the Jedi put a ribbon on the original films.

All four times I have seen Star Wars myself, I walked out feeling cheated, disappointed, it never really lived up to the hype.

Last night was different.

Towards the end, I looked at my buddy Jo who turned to look at me, and my dear friend Z who was in the middle of us, looked at us both.

We all seemed to be thinking the same thing.

“This is the real deal, the Star Wars Universe we have been waiting to see finally showed up to a movie theater”

As we left the theater, we were excited, it was like leaving a Super Bowl.

We didn’t even mind that it was colder than Planet Hoth outside as we walked home about as happy as we could possibly be.

This is why we love Star Wars.

And this is why I am going to see it again!!!

Tastie Fish Rating: 5 fish out of 5 





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