Rogue One is a smash hit, what should the next “star wars story” be?

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Star Wars Rogue One has quickly risen to become one of the greatest movies of all time.

Based on box office (which is at $850 million worldwide), consumer and critical reception, and the utter brilliance of the movie itself, Rogue One has cemented it’s legacy as a special film, and “perhaps” the greatest star wars movie of all time.

I now have watched it backwards, and forwards.

The attention to detail is off the richter scale, this is as pure a star wars movie as could have possibly been produced.

Disney gets all the credit, George Lucas had taken the franchise in the wrong direction.

Now that the idea of spinoff films has traction with the global community, there is an obvious question facing Disney, and Lucasfilm.

Where do they go from here?

A Han Solo anthology film is next in the pipeline.

On the surface, it seems like a weak regression from the awesomeness of Rogue One, but that’s only to the untrained mind.

Han Solo’s story is fantastic, he attended the imperial academy, and then defected when he refused to Kill Chewbacca.

The empire had enslaved the wookies, the bond between the two characters will be explained in detail AND we get to see the galactic empire throw its weight around for another 2 hours.

The film should feature Darth Vader yet again, and he will be even more dangerous then he was in Rogue One.

After the Han Solo film drops in 2018, Disney has a film planned for 2020, but has yet to reveal what it will be.

Here are 5 ideas that should be considered in the Disney war room.

This is my strictly my opinion, I gather Disney could care less what I think.

I have listed the film ideas in the order I want to see them.

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5. Obi Wan: A beacon of hope

Obi Wan Kenobi has played second fiddle on the big screen, despite the fact that his character has unbelievable potential to carry a film by himself. He was the protagonist of the prequel trilogy, and there is 30 years of his life that has taken place off screen. Anyone who has watched the Clone Wars television program, or even Star Wars Rebels knows that Kenobi adventures could make for an amazing film, especially in the wake of the Jedi being all but destroyed, and Kenobi being a fugitive from the empire.

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4. Leia

In wake of Carrie Fisher’s death, I started to ponder the potential of a spinoff featuring Princess Leia of Alderaan. Leia was raised by Bail Organa on his home planet, her life as a princess, and her journey to join the rebellion has only been discussed in books. Such a film could explore  the formative years  of a woman who changed the fate of the galaxy, and provide a glimpse into an era of Star Wars we have not seen yet. Given her appearance at the conclusion of Rogue One, both stories could take place along side each other.

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3. Yoda: Rise of the Jedi  

Because of Yoda’s age, the stories that could be told about him are endless. You could go way back to the earliest days of the Jedi order. Thousand of years is a long time, and the battle between the Sith and the Jedi is goes back to before that. All of us have longed to see Yoda in his prime, and the adventures that made him a legend. A story profiling his orgin would be amazing, and would def make a billion bucks.

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2. Palpatine: Master of the Darkside

An origin story about the man who created Anakin Skywalker, and brought the galaxy to it’s knees would be incredible.

Palpatine is the chief antagonist of the Star Wars universe, his legacy stretches for 50 to 60 years. In total, nobody had more of an impact on the Star Wars narrative than Palpatine.

He was not born into the dark side, he was turned, his story would be a journey.

There is also the narrative of Darth Plagues the wise, and the story of Palpatine betraying his master, and killing him.

Palpatine came from a wealthy family on Naboo, the same planet Padme(Luke and Leia’s mother) is from.

There has been much implied about his story, and star wars fans all over the world would want to see it on screen, it would be the ultimate dark side story, and it would set the table for every star wars movie that has ever been made.

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1. Vader

I know what your thinking, the prequel trilogy was all about Darth Vader, but in reality, it wasn’t. It told the story of Anakin Skywalker, Vader appeared in the prequel trilogy for 5 minutes.

After watching the Sith lord close the show in epic fashion at the conclusion of Rogue one, I realize that a story about Vader and the empire, between the prequel trilogy, and the original trilogy, is the coolest possible move Disney can make.

We have yet to see a film that features the empire during the height of its power, and all of the terror they inflicted on the galaxy during the 20 years that their power was unchecked.

It also would give us a chance to witness the internal struggle that Vader experienced as he evolved into a mass murderer.

Vader also hunted down all of the Jedis, and killed most of them, that narrative alone would be amazing, and produce some of the greatest lightsaber fights we have ever seen.

Meanwhille, the rise of the rebellion, and the rule of Palaptine could truly be explored.

What did Coruscant look like after the fall of the Jedi Order?

What did the empire do to the Jedi temple?

There is so many stories, it would easily match any narrative we have seen thus far in the franchise.

Ok, I am done being a dork for now.

Thanks for playing everyone.



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