From Disney/Lucasfilm

Watch: The trailer for the final season of Star Wars Rebels has arrived!

From Disney/Lucasfilm

Disney/Lucasfilm announced last month that Star Wars Rebels will return for a forth season.

After three seasons of sheer excellence, the showrunners at Disney are bringing the glorious animated feature to an epic conclusion.

The heros of the story are fighting a battle that history will not allow them to win, and it was inevitable that the narrative would be brought to a close sooner than later.

Star Wars has produced some incredible television in the last 4 years, the success of Clone Wars, and now Rebels, has given Disney/Lucasfilm television options that are seemingly limitless.

There is rumors of a new animated feature in the pipeline, and that it could take place after the events of Star Wars The Force awakens.

For now though, we wish to leave Star Wars Fans with the brand new trailer for the 4th season of Star Wars Rebels.

We hope you enjoy!!!

Star Wars Rebels will return this fall on Disney XD



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