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Watch: Darth Vader’s rage in Rogue One is the greatest Star Wars scene ever!

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About 5 months have passed since Star War Rogue One blasted it’s way into theaters, and assumed it’s place as one of the greatest cinematic achievements of all time.

The full scope of the film was difficult to appraise in the moment, I did write afterwards that it “was an instant classic with swagger”, and that the film was without question the greatest Star Wars epic since the Empire Strikes back.

After being given the DVD, and analyzing the film even further, I am convinced that it’s the greatest Star Wars movie ever made.

The visuals are flawless, the pace of the film is measured but swift, and the acting is top shelf.

It’s a heartfelt drama, it’s a love story, it’s everything all rolled all into one.

The film is a comprehensive action filled space opera, a film that would justify sequels beyond the original trilogy.

Rogue One makes “The Force Awakens” look like an embarrassment to the Star Wars Universe, and it’s highly doubtful that Episode 8 or Episode 9 will live up to the sheer glory of Rogue One.

When George Lucas announced prequels to the original Star Wars Trilogy, Star Wars fans were hoping for a film like Rogue One, not the popcorn garbage that George forced upon us over a decade ago.

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Rogue One is filled to the brim with memorable scenes, but the greatest scene by far comes at the conclusion of the film.

After the rebels successfully steal the plans to the Death Star, and abscond with the data, Darth Vader attempts to intercept the rebel ship that collected the data to prevent the events of a ‘New Hope’ before they ever take place.

What would follow is by far the most electrifying scene in Star Wars history.

Darth Maul’s lightsaber battle in Episode One might compare, maybe.

But that’s it.

This was the ultimate, never before has the fury of Anakin Skywalker been on display to this degree.

Not on screen.

Vader is absolutely brutal in this scene, he repels the laser strikes with the force and his lightsaber, then he cuts the rebel operatives to pieces as they all scream in horror.

For the first time, Vader finally is presented how should be.

He is no different than Jason, or Freddy Kreuger.

A blood thirsty killer that has little to zero remorse for anyone that gets in his way, Vader is a serial killer, an absolute madman, and this scene FINALLY put that on display.

The scene does not end there, it quickly transitions to the events of a ‘New Hope” in which the rebels deliver the plans to Princess Leia Organa, who is waiting aboard the adjacent ship to take the data to Obi Wan Kenobi.

The scene of Vader watching Leia escape as he retracts his lightsaber is as cool as it gets.

This scene will stand alone, the Star Wars universe may never see something like this again.




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