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Watch: New Star Wars Rogue One Clip showcases the awesome power of the Death Star

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We are less than 5 days away from the biggest movie event of the year!

I am attempting to contain my excitement, but it’s not easy!

This coming Thursday night, the Star Wars universe will welcome the newest incarnation of the most popular movie franchise ths world has ever seen.

Buoyed by the unprecedented success of the Episode 7 “The Force Awakens”. Disney/Lucasfilm have presented us with perhaps the most compelling story the franchise has seen to this point.

As the buildup to the event reaches a cresendo this week, the filmrunners have blessed the general public with a glimpse of the movies most important character.

The Death Star.

The Planet destroying space ship that came within 3 seconds of canceling the Galactic rebellion before it ever truly took flight.

The destruction of the Death Star occurred in Episode 4 “A new Hope” at the hands of Luke Skywalker with an assist from Han Solo.

But the groundwork for that demolition job was put in place by the rag tag group of rebels who will be showcased later this week.

This film could change the Star Wars universe, the expectation that all Star Wars movies need lightsabers, and Skywalkers, could be forever be altered.

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This is an important movie for so many reasons.

It’s a true throwback, in many ways, it’s much more of a sequel to the original trilogy than any of the films we have seen since.

This will be the star wars universe as we remember it.

Down to the score.

Plenty of people will get goosebumps during the production.

It could answer some of our oldest questions, and present new questions that subsequent films will answer.

Tastie Fish will be all over Star Wars Rogue One this week, feel free to submit personal stories to this magazine describing what Star Wars means to you.



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