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The news of a “Sopranos” movie without James Gandolfini is bittersweet

From HBO

HBO and New Line Cinema have announced that Sopranos creator David Chase is currently developing a Sopranos prequel that will actually be a full length film.

Not a television series.

Fans of the program have been waiting for this news since the conclusion of the epic in 2007, but somehow this feels different than most believed it would.

Questions abound.

What happened to Tony?

Did he go to trial?

Better yet, did he die in the final scene?

As it turns out, those questions(and many others) will remain unanswered.

This incarnation of the Sopranos will be far different than it’s predecessor for a number of reasons, but none bigger than the absence of the title character Tony Soprano.

James Gandolfini was the Sopranos, the soul of the show, most fans will find any version of the Sopranos less than authentic without big James.

It will also to be difficult to digest only 2 hours of the Sopranos after an 11 year wait, that will just feel unfair at times, and almost guarantees massive cliff hangers, and even more unanswered questions.

The fact that David Chase is rewarding fans with another chapter in The Sopranos saga is all kinds of awesome, but bittersweet because the title character that drove the entire narrative is no longer with us. 

This prequel will most likely focus on the rise of Johnny Soprano while providing insight into Tony’s childhood, the emotional development of his sisters, and the infamous Livia Soprano, who was perhaps the most important character to the original series outside of Tony himself.

Uncle Junior will be explored, there is plenty of opportunity here, but fans will almost certainly leave the theater wanting something this film won’t be able to give them.



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