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The Scarface Reunion almost ruined by the moderator of the Q&A

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Movie fans all over the world are celebrating the 35th anniversary of the all action film Scarface.

Depeicting a deeply flawed but overwhelmingly powerful Drug Kingpin, Scareface remains the standard in the hardcore crime drama category.

The cast of the film reunited at the Tribeca Film festival earlier today, a glorious opportunity for fans to celebrate the critically acclaimed masterpeice.

A time to laugh, cry, and remember.

What should have been the feel good story of the day was absolutley destroyed by the moderator of the obligatory Q and A.

From Entertainment Weekly 

“Michelle, as the father of a daughter, I’m concerned with body image,” the moderator said — marking his first direct question to the three-time Oscar nominee about 14 minutes into the conversation. “The preparation for this film — what did you weigh?”

This was the best question the moderator could come up when directly addressing Michelle Pfeiffer for the first time.

Michaelle Pfeiffer is one of the most accomplished performers of her generation, a flat out legend, and on a day celebrating her career she was questioned about her weight at the time of filming.

As one could imagine, the crowd went nuts when the moderator popped the question, boos, “why do you want to know?!”, it was electric from all acounts.

And it should have been.

The question was so inappropriate, that observers are still having trouble getting their head around it.

That is such an irrelevant piece of data (considering the amount questions once could ask Michelle Pfeiffer) yet it’s so offensive that you have to wonder if this moderator was intentionally attempting to engender a reaction.

The ever classy Pfeiffer actually indulged the man, but not everyone is super happy that she was prompted too in the first place.

“Well, okay,” Pfeiffer began. “I don’t know, but I was playing a cocaine addict so that was part of the physicality of the part, which you have to consider. The movie was only supposed to be, what? A three-month, four-month [shoot]? Of course, I tried to time it so that as the movie went on I became thinner and thinner and more emaciated.”






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